And of course we already know that Megan Rose Taylor is a shining example of all that endeavours to be good and helpful. Check in with Debbie Hyde to see what other kind things Megan has been up to and the difference she is making in lots of lives. I think Megan is an old soul here to keep making the world a more wonderful and kind place.

Originally posted on It's All Good Radio Show:

A Positive Disruptor who Loves Animals

Magan ScoutMegan Rose Taylor is not the average 19 year-old. She suffers from a rare condition where she can faint up to 60 times a day.  Her love of animals, wildlife and nature is so deeply engrained in her soul, she has dedicated most of her young years to campaign, raise awareness and work with animals.  She is driven by kindness for others and is the LifeVest InsideKindness Ambassador for the UK, a not-for-profit organisation which was set-up by Orly Wahba, an educator, entrepreneur and community activist to promote kindness, love and compassion in the World.

Megan is also an accomplished wordsmith and has written several poems and short stories.  One of these poems was inspired by the annual carnage of dolphins in Taiji in Japan after watching the film ‘The Cove’.  Megan decided to write a poem and use it as the backing…

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Just one more example of all the good people, deeds and ideas out there. Debbie Hyde continues to show is that it really is all good.

Originally posted on It's All Good Radio Show:

Using Your Musical Gift For Good

Rag Tag Misfits – Travelling troubadours, captivating audiences worldwide with percussive foot stomping music and heartfelt lyrics on life how it is. Inspired by life on the road and their love for music to make a difference

Helly and Andy busking

Helly and Andy, aka The Rag Tag Misfits, based in Liverpool, don’t do things by halves; they set themselves challenges most people would run a mile from.

We first became aware of this intrepid duo, via Mark Elling of The Trussell Trustwho emailed to ask us if we’d like to be involved in supporting them with radio coverage in their latest venture.  Curious to know more, we opened up the leaflet he had attached and saw the challenge they had set themselves:

“We plan to busk in every county in England whilst touring and living in a van. We are naming it the “Sing for your…

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Debbie Hyde is setting herself quite the challenge of showcasing a million people doing good. But we know Debbie can do this. To all those who say good news is fluff and not worthy of mainstream news and media, we beg to differ.

Originally posted on It's All Good Radio Show:

Zach Haynes, A Small Dude With A Big Love of Nature

Zach onwayto tanfieldWe live hundreds of miles away from each other but thanks to the power of Twitter, this young lad’s daily blogs of his adventures in nature brings us into his world each day.

Each evening as he shares his blog of his daytime adventures in Yorkshire and beyond,  is a timely reminder about the wonders of nature and all it gives us, seen through the enquiring and joyful mind of nine year old Zach, who, through his insightful blogs educates, entertains and informs.

Here’s how Zach describes his blogs: “I live in a great place, North Yorkshire with awesome countryside. I love learning in and out of school. This is my report of our family’s nature outings (helped when needed by Mum and Dad).”

Zach Moors IMG_6856(Some lovely Northern National Parks – Day 270 Friday 31st July 2015)

If anyone…

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I wrote this poem in honour of a woman who became a friend after we connected when I wrote a blog about her grit and the incredible community and love that surrounded her throughout her journey with cancer. Her huge circle of friends, both personal and cyber, lost her July 26th 2015 but her inspiration and memory will live with each of us. She never wavered in her faith that she would receive a miracle and I realize now that she did, maybe just not quite the miracle we had all hoped for.

Her journey has touched hundreds if not thousands of people. Sarah Elizabeth Amento has made us rise like air and started the ripple that will create a wave.

Originally posted on Write Now:

In memory of Sarah Amento who passed away on July 26th, 2015 from Stage IV triple negative breast cancer. A courageous young woman, mother of 5, loving wife, caring daughter, sister and forever friend who brightened the world with her smile, determination and faith. She is missed.

photo by Pinky Blue Photography and used with permission by S. Amento ‘Cancer doesn’t define me. I’m redefining cancer.’ photo by Pinky Blue Photography and used with permission by S. Amento (from Rise Like Air)
‘Cancer doesn’t define me. I’m redefining cancer.’

Like Sarah

Most battles were won but her war was lost.
Ground was gained but at such a cost.
A brave warrior she can finally rest,
Hands crossed so gently upon her chest.
Though Sarah cannot fight another day,
There are others who will take up the fray.
And while we may now seem apart,
You are never farther than our hearts.

Fight Like Sarah

Live Like Sarah

Love Like Sarah

S  oulful

A  rdent

R  adiant


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from krugerpark.org This is NOT Cecil or his pride.

from krugerpark.org This is NOT Cecil or his pride.

The world is outraged by the “taking” of Cecil the Lion in Africa. Ok, at least a very large number of people are angry, even many hunters are outraged. As always there are those who think that this practise and what happened to Cecil is not a problem. At least for now, they appear to be in the minority, or maybe too afraid to be vocal.

Because he was a protected animal and they knowingly (*edit: at least some knew) baited him out of the park, I feel comfortable calling this more than a killing – it was murder. There was no need or purpose for the death except for excitement and ego. That’s it. Period. Not for food, not for survival, not for protection – just for “fun”. For a good adrenaline rush and a good story. Well he’s got both now. Just as a side note, the hunters seemed quite happy to forget the fact when you take a male like Cecil you are likely killing others. You are disrupting a pride, possibly causing the death of cubs, which in this case is likely. Final kill count unknown at this point.

The story has been simmering in my brain since it broke. Certainly not a “rise like air” feeling, at least not yet. Somehow out of catastrophe some good has to come somewhere. I have been patiently waiting and watching for it.  Maybe the flame is beginning to flicker.

It started when I read an interesting piece this morning by Neil McDonald (CBC). McDonald reflected on how the tables have seemingly turned for Walter Palmer.

He’s become a trophy. An exotic one, at that. He’s joined the great circle of life.

And the people stalking him are enjoying themselves every bit as much as he clearly did when he was out there being Walter Palmer, apex predator, killing wild things all over the world, and posing with them on trophy hunting sites.

Unfortunately for Palmer, his latest conquest was Cecil, a famous lion beloved by tourists in southern Africa.

He was also foolish enough, it seems, to pose with Cecil’s corpse, and now the internet, the most apex of all apex predators, is stalking him. – Neil McDonald (CBC)

It is interesting to observe the trophy hunter becoming the hunted (online). Karma maybe? A taste of the confusion and fear that Cecil and his other kills must have felt. Sometimes we can only learn by walking in another’s shoes, or in this case, paws.

While I don’t know if this can ever be turned into a positive, Jimmy Kimmel fanned the flickering flame when he called Palmer’s actions “vomitous” (exactly) and then made the wonderful suggestion that helping wildcru.org, the Oxford University Wildlife Conservation Research Unit that was following Cecil’s movements in their study, is a least a start. RIP Cecil and all the others before and after you who are prized only as trophies and not as the majestic living creatures you are.

In the meantime, Walter Palmer is probably focused on one thing – survival, running in fear, not sure which way to turn. Uncertain and wondering why his life which was so “simple and perfect” one minute is now an exercise in simply trying to stay ahead of the hunters. Cecil evaded his hunters for 40 hours injured and in pain, fear and anger likely coursing through him as he grew weaker. Ok, so maybe I’m giving him human traits, but I’ve seen a cornered injured animal and that’s exactly what they look like. Walter Palmer is fortunate that he is running with only his pride damaged. Cecil was not so fortunate.

I am not against hunting but I am against taking only trophies, unclean kills and sanitizing what someone’s actions really are.

I’m not out for revenge. I’m out for a change of attitude. I hope Palmer decides to turn in his weapons for a camera and turn to true conservation rather than devastation. The choice, as always, is his and his alone.

I hope those that are hunting him online take a moment temper their hatred and instead turn it to good. When we choose to change ourselves for good we change the world too. The ripple will become a wave.

©2015 JFries/Rise Like Air

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Call me silly. I like this

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:

Gone are the days when being grounded or having your pocket-money deducted was deemed a suitable punishment.

Now a father has shared his particular method of discipline and it involves the extremely grave threat of restricting his children’s internet access and cutting off their phone plans.

father threatens teenagers - liam neeson

The reminder, based on Liam Neeson’s famous speech in the Hollywood blockbuster Taken, was taped up in the kitchen as ‘Labuzan’ [the father], who is believed to be from the US, explained:

‘My teenagers refuse to put their dishes in the dishwasher. So I put this above the sink.’

Transcribed for anyone who has trouble reading it from the picture.

‘I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want.

‘If you are looking for a maid to clear up for you, I can tell you I don’t do that.

But what I do have are a very particular set of skills…

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Excellent blog reviewing the Nissan Leaf. Going green with success and ease has us Rising Like Air.

Originally posted on It's All Good Radio Show:

We heard the ad on Classic FM. Test drive a Nissan Leaf for seven days. Really? Seven days of free motoring? No hard sell. Surely this was too good to be true. We had to find out. One online form and one phone call from Nissan UK and the test drive was booked with Bishops Nissan Guildford, our local dealership who promptly confirmed by email.

On the day of collection, a thorough run through of how the car works and it was ours to enjoy. No onerous forms, no hard sell – what joy!

Confined to working at home for the next couple of days, I personally had little need for a car, however, my partner took full opportunity exchanging his usual walk and train journey combo for the effortless drive to work in the car (we had chosen the start of the summer holidays for our trial so…

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Originally posted on Seth Adam Smith:

J.K. Rowling, author of the phenomenal Harry Potter series, may have just prevented a suicide. Remarkably, she didn’t do it through the use of magic, but through the use of words. This shouldn’t surprise us because words are, as Dumbledore stated, “our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.”

In May of 2015, a fan by the name of @BrocaesarTV sent J.K. Rowling the following Tweet:

Then J.K. Rowling gave FOUR epic replies:

JK Rowling Tweet 01JK Rowling Tweet 02JK Rowling Tweet 03

Finally, she added this beautiful piece of advice:

JK Rowling Reply

It’s interesting to note that J.K. Rowling—before she published Harry Potterstruggled with depression and thoughts of suicide. But she kept moving forward. And because she moved forward, she’s illuminated the world with her light and magic.

If you (or someone you know) is struggling with suicidal thoughts or feelings, please don’t give up! As J.K. Rowling wrote, “the world is full of wonderful…

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They chose to hear one another, to consider each other’s perspective and not simply made demands. They worked within one another’s Yes Zone.

The McKay Tract will not be cut.

via One Poem That Saved a Forest by Jacqueline Suskin — YES! Magazine.

Big business, the little guy. Big Oil and Gas, the little guy. We often feel pitted against each other, at war where the only result can hold defined winners and losers. There can be no common ground. Until someone changes the script.

Sometimes those experiences happen unexpectedly like in the case of an innocent meeting between poet Jacqueline Suskin and Neal Ewald, Senior Vice President of Green Diamond Resource Company.

The innocent meeting was a Poem Store, “a public project that consist of exchanging on demand poetry about any subject composed on a manual typewrite, in trade for any donation.”

The first poem was on the subject of being underwater.  Later, he contacted the poet again. This time with a much more personal request  – special personal poem the family could read when they spread his late wife’s ashes.

A bond and a friendship were formed. Out of that friendship came action. Neal didn’t want to be the bad big business guy. He really did prefer to work with his protagonists to find ways to do things better.

Above all we focused on one word: yes

Neal is dedicated to the discovery of how to say

yes. He wants to disrupt the concept that there

needs to be opposition. Throughout his career

in forestry he has strived to find a way to

dismantle dichotomy and meet his adversaries

in the middle.

Her poetry, the connections they made together resulted in ripples that did create a wave. Land that was scheduled to be destroyed wasn’t, and the solution ended up letting everyone win.

These two rivals figured out how to meet and discuss the forest while avoiding dehumanization. It didn’t matter that they disagree about so many things. They chose to hear one another, to consider each other’s perspective and not simply made demands. They worked within one another’s Yes Zone.The McKay Tract will not be cut.

It’s always possible if you believe it is and then do the work to make it so.

©2015 JFries/Rise Like Air

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And what a difference a little kindness can make. Even when it’s difficult.

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:

crying child in restarauntMy dad took my brother, sister and I out for lunch at a local diner/ice cream shop.

About three tables away was a very bedraggled mother with twin infants in carriers and two other small children, and it looked like today was the day for all of them to act up.

After I was done eating I went to look at the pinball machine ( a lifelong obsession) and on his way over to collect me, my dad stopped at the counter, paid our bill, and the lady’s as well.

He never mentioned it later, and did it in a way that no one other than the cashier would have even known, but I managed to catch it.

I know its a very simple act, and it probably wasn’t very expensive, but the fact that he did it without much thought, and not even to use as a kindness lesson…

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