Life is filled with things that seem to make no sense yet somehow the dance is beautiful anyway and in the end, maybe there is simply one truth. A fantastic read by such an eloquent writer.


Everything and Life


I think that most of my life has been a war, a really strange war.
A war between wanting to love beyond reason (and realizing that I actually can’t love people who don’t give me some form of love in return) and wanting to give up on people who don’t treat me right (but in turn realizing that I can’t ever stop loving people I once loved).
This, to me, makes no sense!
I mean, it looks like I actually somehow do both these contradictory things. If only I could mix and match my internal responses to them, maybe I could lead a slightly less confused life.
So if you’ve been reading me for a while now and seem confused, don’t worry. We are completely 100% on the same page.
I once told a boy that I would love him forever, but then years later he told me in response…

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Transformation, growth, life. Make up your mind. Make your choice. Be unstoppable. (spoiler alert: you already are! just own it for a change)

Tranquil Lives

When you drive down the highway, you can’t help but notice that there is an imposed speed limit.

When you want to purchase a home, the bank imposes a credit limit.

It doesn’t matter where you turn, there are limits.

Limits to how much you should eat.

Limits to how many days off you can take from work.

And of course, the limits imposed on ourselves by us?

Do you frequently sit back and think about what is happening in your life, what you are doing, where you are going? Or why you are where you are? I’m sure you do. That is something most of us do, occasionally at best, on a regular basis.

Did you ever consider that you deserve to be happier than what you are or get better out of whatever you desire? When you are mentally reflecting on your way of living, do you get the…

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It is always the right time for some feel good stories that remind us of the goodness in life and in people. Because even though we may be brought to doubt on occasion, it really is there. So here’s a little dose of feel good news to add some shine and pizazz to your day.

The School Bus Ride

The other day my teenage daughter came in full of smiles. She’d taken the school bus that day. She almost always comes home with a story to tell, most often it’s about one of the ‘little kids’ who sit at the front of the bus. They always seem in awe of her. When I send her off in the morning I notice their little heads peering out the window watching her, fingers grasping the edge of the window.  As the bus pulls away I see their heads turn as she walks past them to the back where the ‘big kids’ sit.

Unlike most of the big kids, my daughter usually takes a moment to acknowledge her little admirers. And it makes them virtually glow to be noticed by a big kid in a kind way on a regular basis. So the other day, one of the little girls shyly handed my daughter a coloured picture she’d done at school that day. My daughter admired it and when she tried to return it the little girl indicated she was to keep it. It was a gift!

My daughter came in absolutely thrilled, her eyes were shining and she couldn’t stop talking about how sweet everything about the experience was. In no time she had me as excited as she was and I hadn’t even gotten anything.  Well, I guess I did. I was fortunate enough to be able to share in her excitement and it truly was contagious (seriously, try it sometime).

A few days later the little girl was brave enough to finally introduce herself and proceeded to gift 3 precious gemstones. How cool is that. The picture and gemstones are on proud display and I have to admit, every time I see them, I can’t help but smile just a little.

Pulled Over

A friend shared a story with me the other day about driving home in the freezing rain. One of the hazards we often experience this time of year.  She had pulled over to the side of the road so she could take a call. Just then another car pulled up. The kind occupants wanted to make sure that she was alright and not in need of assistance.

It’s nice to know that there are people who look out for one another and exemplify the kindness lifestyle everyday.


What Happened to You Today?

Don’t miss the opportunity to recognize those tiny moments of kindness and goodness that happen to you today. Life has shown me even on my worst days if I allow myself to be open to seeing those tiny moments, I do. And once I see one or two, usually, I start to see more. And in that case, more is definitely better than less.

Go on, I dare you. Be open and start collecting those magical little moments and let your smile shine. You might just find it’s contagious too.


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Originally posted on Kindness Blog: Words have meaning, and they possess the power to change the world. They can inspire us to do amazing things, or to commit the most horrible acts. It’s up to everyone to understand they are responsible for wielding that awesome power. Because words cut the deepest, and yet leave no marks, they…

via These Shocking Photos Show The Scars You Can’t Normally See. And They’re Horrifying. — Kindness Blog


Absolutely amazing blog. Word Power. Never underestimate it. Wield your power kindly and wisely. Lives are in the balance.


To anyone ready to give up today I have one huge favour to ask.


Please don’t 

Don’t give up
Don’t be alone
Don’t hide it
Don’t feel ashamed
Don’t believe your negative thoughts or pretend




Do keep going
Do ask for help (as many times as it takes!)
Do be open
Do accept where you are, but be willing to change it
Do know it will get better and so will you





We care


Life has plenty of challenges and it’s easy to find ourselves in overwhelming circumstances feeling alone and unworthy, not knowing where to turn. It can happen to anyone at anytime. But there is ALWAYS hope. Whether today is a day you find yourself short on hope, or with a little extra to share, check out Project Hope Exchange. It’s a unique project that enables people to share hope. Give a little, get a lot.

Think you’re alone? Think again.


Give hope. Get hope. All in 30 seconds! What if we could do just that and start spreading hope around the world? We at The Adversity 2 Advocacy Allianceand Life Vest Inside believe we CAN, and we’re thrilled to be partnering to offer you this unique and powerful opportunity. Through Project Hope Exchange, we are collecting, aggregating and sharing 30-second audio messages fromindividuals who have survived some kind of adversity to others who are currently facing that same adversity. And at the heart of our exchange are real human voices. We hope you’ll add yours! (from the PHE website)


A closing thought.

Often we are consumed by “what if’s”, all the things that we worry and overthink about.


what if…

everything you’re going through right now 

is preparing you…

for a dream bigger than 

you can imagine…..

What if……

Just maybe…

Maybe so…

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Loved this piece. Definitely The Light

Marwan's blog

Up! From my knees i rise,


A sight so bright, the most burden heart could experience peace.

Penetrating the darkness

With it soft and tranquil beams,

Garnished with rays of hope

And new dreams.


My restless soul has found peace.

For the dark road, the treacherous one

Has reached its revelation

My troubled days are no more,

I have been reborn anew

As new as a spring upon a mountain.

Once again, i stand tall


A collection of my own experience

Looking at the mirror,

I see a total stranger


A new me, mirroring back

To the man i thought i was


I fell in love with my pain,

Not the feeling of it

But the way it built me

A stronger me, it has molded

An improved version,​

A better me!

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Brené Brown always seems to know exactly what I need to know to learn and grow. Her book “The Gift of Imperfection” has offered so much. So why did it take me so long to finish I wonder.


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We get so caught up in trying to figure things out so they go “just right”. Well, at least I do. I get caught up in it everyday – even though my mantra tends to be it’s all in your perspective and go with the flow. See, if I say it enough…. I’ll get there… eventually.

This little story I saw the other day made me smile, I could totally relate. Then it made me sigh, because I could totally relate.

Mind: I’m worried.

Heart: Just relax.

Mind: But, I’m totally lost now

Heart: Just follow me.

Mind: But you’ve never been there before.

Heart: Trust me, you’ll love it.

Soul: If you two would shut up I’d show you the map.

Unknown – from PrinceEa on Facebook

Here’s the thing. My mind and my heart are constantly bickering, usually in kindly sibling type fashion (at least I think so… I’m an only child after all…) I can easily throw myself into a spiral trying to make sense of whether my heart is right or my head is right or if neither is right or are they both right! I’ve been told that I have a tendency to overthink. I’m thinking about that. Personally I’m not so sure…

But, A MAP?! Novel concept! Maybe even a treasure map?


Let’s face it, navigating without a map at your disposal can make for quite the adventure, but at the same time, cause a few problems (not the least of which can be “one of those spousal discussions” vacation stories are so famous for). Having a map for reference is a good idea in the survival tool kit. It may prevent an argument. It just may lead to treasure.

Contrary to what I said in the beginning, I learned long ago that just saying something is not enough to really make it happen, it’s the start. It’s one part of the formula, the recipe, the magic spell. There are 3 things, in my opinion and experience, that make things happen, life manifest, provide some semblance of “control” (snort, giggle, guffaw – did I say control).

Those 3 things are a connection, the connection between the head, heart and soul. It’s not one or the other, it’s all three working together to create, manifest and build.

Those 3 things are a connection, the connection between the head, heart and soul. It’s not one or the other, it’s all three working together to create, manifest and build.

When I remember to get quiet and invite my soul to speak (and I listen), I open the possibility of awakening that connection. That’s the part so many of us ignore, our soul, our inner knowing, whatever you want to call it, that special unique part of us. When I make that connection, I can see the map and I’m in the flow. When I’m in the flow it feels like everything is as it should be. Because it is.  That is when my mind opens, my heart opens and my soul opens, rather like a flower blossoming. Which, I’m learning as I navigate my paths, is exactly what we are meant to do, bloom and grow. That’s where the treasure is.

Are you willing to invite your soul to speak? Are you willing to get quiet and listen? To look at the map and see all the paths that lead you to where ‘X’ marks the spot? Willing to see differently? Are you willing to embrace even the possibility of making that connection? To bloom and grow?  Are you ready to claim your treasure?

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The choice is always yours. Don’t panic. The storm will pass.  




Go with the flow

The choice to get to shore is always yours. 

But you have to choose and you have to act

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It seems to feel once more our world is thrown into chaos through hatred, unkindness, intolerance and greed. Wars rage with the potential for unrest to fester and spread.

This Remembrance Day, I believe it is important to step back, breath deeply and reclaim a place of calm within; after all, “as within, so without.” This is the perfect occasion to reflect and remember exactly why calm is so important…


Click on this link to breathe easy


…because without it “things” can get out of hand pretty quickly.

Things like war can happen. I tend to feel there are no real winners in war, yet I have to admit I don’t have the solution to keeping the peace all the time either. Part of me realizes life is simply lesson after lesson and we all need to learn.

Personally, I want to avoid the pain of war – at all costs.  Yet, I am grateful for those who stand on guard to protect when seemingly all other options have failed.

It’s difficult for the best and brightest of us to begin to make real sense of war, let alone explaining it to a child. But the key to our future is… oh you know this one…

Our children

So how do we help children understand war below the surface and beyond a red plastic flower (that often pricks our finger, a reminder of blood shed or falls from our jacket unnoticed)? Can youth be inspired to become the bearers of peace?  Turns out the answer, like so many really, is quite simple. It starts with kindness and caring about one another.

One of our Canadian veteran’s, Jack Purdie has helped young people make a connection. His daughter, Colleen Fuller, shared this reflection about her father’s ability to explain this challenging subject in terms even the youngest can understand and appreciate.


credit Colleen Fuller and Jack Purdie

Do you want to know how a Vet (our father) explains the war to young children?

I can answer that one! He talks to little ones about how war is the same as bullying. It’s deciding that you and your country are more important than anybody else, so you can hurt them and take their stuff (Like Hitler did to Poland). They understand that that is not right. And they understand that sometimes you have to stand up for your friends when they are being bullied. He talks about how caring about other people and not thinking you are more important can stop little wars (on the playground) and big ones. He encourages them to be heroes who look after other people and help them, like our soldiers were trying to do.
Help your kids make sense of Remembrance Day! 

by Colleen Fuller and Jack Purdie

submitted by Danay Lott

reprinted with permission



Children are our future. The children of today will be making the decisions of tomorrow. It is important that they remember so they can understand how to resolve issues and stand up for each other in kind and caring ways. Because I believe that Mr. Purdie is right. We need to care about each other and be everyday heroes everyday.


Mr. Purdie proudly served his country and we believe it’s not only important to learn the lessons our veteran’s share with us, but also to get to know them better as the people they are. His daughter, Danay Lott, kindly  provided these insights into her father’s life.

Jack Purdie was a young boy the fall of 1939 when Canada had joined Britain in a war against Germany. His dad joined up the first day and left almost immediately for England sending his pay home to feed his family. Jack was unable to afford school books so worked odd jobs to help his family until he turned seventeen when, with his mother’s permission, he enlisted with the Royal Canadian Airforce. After training in various parts of Canada he ended up in Mount Pleasant PEI. Finally this group was shipped over seas in 1943 arriving in Liverpool England. He was trained as a tail gunner on the crew of a Lancaster bomber and spent two years in England. He was on his way home crossing the Atlantic with a ship full of other men in the summer of 1945 when VE Day was announced. He tells the story that when the victory was announced each man on the ship was given a bottle of beer and an orange to celebrate the end of the war! Jack traded his beer for a second orange which was a rare commodity indeed! Jack is now living in Vancouver BC at age ninety one he spends time at schools sharing stories of this time in his life with many age groups. He challenges the kids to be every day heroes and caring concerned members of their communities.

Lest We Forget


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