Alrighty then.The Challenge – To Find Beauty.

Sounds simple…. just wait….

An article on CNN caught my attention – From anger to forgiveness: Man befriends brother’s killer

Long story short, older brother is shot and killed by young men. Younger brother is filled with sorrow and rage and makes bad decisions. Not such an unusual outcome you would think. “But as the years passed the fog of anger began to lift. He married. Had two children. He welcomed religion into his life. And, he was overwhelmed by a desire to find reconciliation with his brother’s killer.”

When he was visiting someone in prison, he looked over and saw one of his brother’s killers. You’ve got to read the article, it’s an amazing tale. He credits his faith as the catalyst in allowing him to forgive. Regardless of what propels us to do so, forgiveness can bring the most unexpected and beautiful rewards. Who would have thought that something so tragic could result in something so beautiful?

When I was listening to the Brooklands Radio show It’s All Good yesterday they mentioned a young Canadian I had heard about in our own news. She’s only 12 but when she found out that a swath of 100 year old forest was about to be destroyed so a new housing subdivision could be built, she wrote a letter to ensure her voice was heard. Again, long story short – her voice inspired more voices to join and the sub division fairly quickly became history. At the end of the article, they show 6 other young people who in the recent past have made their voices count. Never underestimate the power of the individual, or of youth, or anyone.

Here’s the link to the radio show on Mixcloud (this bit is in the last 8
minutes of the show), but the whole show is well worth listening to.

and here’s the link to the article about Olivia Peters and her efforts.

True beauty – the power of youth, the example of standing up and being counted, and the beautiful trees being saved. The day she found out about the plans did not seem very beautiful – but the results from her efforts – astounding.

So…. Finding Beauty Challenge

Today – right now, without thinking too hard, pick someone, or something, or some feeling or event that just IS NOT Beautiful. Pick something that is hard, and miserable and eats at you. Pick something that is scary, that makes you crazy. Something that is like a punch in the stomach, or a burning fire that makes you rage. And then. Take a deep breath.


Allow yourself….

To find the beauty. Find some little spark, no matter how tiny or hidden or disguised…

And tease it out ever so gently.

Warning – it will likely be tough, because every ounce of you will want to see everything that isn’t beautiful about it. You will want to justify and prove that your feelings to date have been correct, obvious, expected, because “that’s just the way it is.”

But it doesn’t have to be…

Actually it isn’t.

Are you ready to fall down the rabbit hole?

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