Time Changes Minds – Unsung Lilly’s album released earlier this year with the single “Happy”.

First of all, Happy Earth Day!  I’ll be getting lots of candles out and we’ll be enjoying a face to face type of evening tonight to celebrate and we hope to see the meteor shower forecast for this evening.


Today we’re featuring a band who seems to be blazing a relatively new trail by creating music that is uplifting, empowering AND very enjoyable to listen to.  It doesn’t seem that often these days that I get to love the lyrics, the music and the overall band direction all in one package.  I’m happy to say that this is definitely the case with this band.

I recently became a big fan of a 5 piece UK band called Unsung Lilly.  I first heard about this band, and their latest song “Just Be” while listening to the community radio show It’s All Good with Debbie Hyde on Brooklands Radio in the UK. One of the best parts of the internet is that I can enjoy community radio from across the ocean.  Community has never been so big and the world felt so small!

Their latest single “Just Be” which will be officially released in May 2013, is not only a catchy pop tune; it has a wonderfully upbeat message.  I have been very impatiently waiting (may as well be honest about it) for the video and song to be officially released.  Luckily in the meantime I was able to buy, and enjoy their first album Time Changes Minds.  The video was released just the other day and I was not disappointed.  Apparently others feel the same way.  It has already garnered 45,485 views.

I was impressed by the band’s direction and music.  The message they share is one, I think, we all need to hear, even those who have already learned to “Just Be”.

Unsung Lilly are keen to promote self acceptance, whether it be your image, or any other subject about yourself that you are not comfortable with, this song tells you to ‘be yourself, everyone else is taken’ 🙂

Just Be” reminds us that while we may not be able to avoid the pressures to conform, whether it’s about our dress, appearance, actions, life style or beliefs.  In the end, all we can really be is ourselves; and that’s exactly who we should be.

I appreciate that the message about being yourself comes through in a positive, all age appropriate, empowering way.  When I listen to it I start to smile, I feel uplifted.  When I feel like that I tend to feel lighter, like gravity isn’t pushing down on me as hard.  It’s one of those songs that expands the heart and makes me feel ready to “rise like air”.

Rise Like Air Challenge for Today:

Take time to start finding out who you really are and allow yourself to just be yourself.  This is one of those things you can’t just think your way through, you have to feel your way through it.  You can start small.  Allow yourself to do, or see, or experience in whatever way, something that is really you.  Recognize that it is part of you, accept that it really is part of you – not all of you, but a part of you.  Release the I couldn’t, I shouldn’t, I wouldn’t for even a little while and allow yourself to think could, should, and would.  Where does it lead you?

Unsung Lilly has it right.  You need to “just be yourself.  Everyone else IS taken” and I think that’s a good thing.   Learn to love being yourself and you may just find yourself ready to rise like air…