Just like in “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”, it is so easy to see what’s not going right.  Somehow that seems to jump up and down catching our attention regularly.  When we take a moment to step back and really look though, we are amazed at the wonderful examples of people who exemplify the concept of rising like air.

Earlier today we posted a FB post saluting teachers who

“…love teaching and love the kids they teach. Some days it’s a joy, some days it’s a pain. Sometimes the biggest pains bring the biggest joys. We hope that you inspire not only the beings you teach, but other teachers as well.”


And off we went about our day.

Shortly after that we happened to be pointed to a piece from KarmaTube in  an example of a principal who came in to a school right out of “To Sir With Love”, in such disarray that it seemed about to implode.  When in walked the person no one believed would, or even could succeed, but…

“Believing is seeing. This is one special princiPAL – Shimon Waronker from Junior High 22 in NY. Rise Like Air salutes principals that create an environment where their staff and students not only survive, but thrive.”

Against All Odds: Principal Passion Prevails shows how this brand new principal believed in the students, the teachers, the school, the community and he understood how the students felt.  He was compassionate at least in part because he could empathize with their situation, and that empathy was an ingredient in his recipe for success.



So often we try so hard to avoid uncomfortable or challenging situations.  We want life to be simple, happy, stress free.  Along with those attributes, it’s still very important to recognize the important role that at least some stress, challenge and difficulty provide.  Often they are the very things that enable us to help ourselves, and to help others rise like air.