Mom, always warm and safe

Like a sick child that knoweth not his mother while she blesses

And drops upon his burning brow the coolness of her kisses —

That turns his fevered eyes around, “My mother! where’s my mother?”

As if such tender words and deeds could come from any other!  Elizabeth Barret Browning

A celebration of mom’s who are committed to helping their children rise like air no matter what challenges they face. 


My Mom

She was the smartest, prettiest, kindest, loving, most perfect mom in the whole wide world!  At least my whole wide world.

I could ask my mom anything and she’d patiently answer my queries of “but how come?” and “why?”  I clearly remember the first time my mother innocently said “I don’t know.”  She was scrubbing the kitchen floor, on her hands and knees and I came in from watching tv to ask another incredibly important question. Funny thing is I don’t remember what the question was, but I do remember when she so casually said “I don’t know.”  I stamped my foot and told her that she did to know. I was angry that she wouldn’t tell me. I remember the shocked look on her face. She stopped scrubbing and told me she honestly didn’t know but that we could look up the answer.  (This was long before googling, we had an encyclopedia set).

Somehow the look on her face and that word honestly clicked in my young brain and I realized she was serious. She really didn’t know the answer. She wasn’t perfect, she might not even be the smartest.

Not long ago I asked my mom if she  remembered that event.  She did and just as vividly, but she was unable to recall the question that started the whole thing either.

When I was sick, she’d caress my brow with her cool soft fingers and I knew that everything would get better. I remember the first time I got sick once I moved out on my own. I knew I’d survive, I told my mom it was no big deal, but truthfully I really wished she was right there taking care of me again.

When I was bullied she was my best friend, when my heart ached she kept me safe, when I got mad and temperamental she was patient, when I had questions she helped me learn.  Even if she didn’t have all the answers, she was always willing to learn with me.   She taught me not to be afraid to ask questions, and that she had my back.

As a mother myself now, I realize that what she appeared to constantly achieve with such grace and ease was really filled with self questioning and doubt as much as it was certainty and confidence.   Moms tend to make all this mothering stuff look pretty easy; sort of like having a baby flipped a switch and mom suddenly knows exactly what to do and how to do it.   There isn’t anything quite like your new born baby to show you how much you have left to learn.


I am thankful that I still have my mother to enjoy every day and that she continues to share her gifts with my children.

Moms have a huge impact on our lives. When we saw this story about 8 year old Coral B. it showed us not only what a smart and capable girl Coral is, but that her mother has been very involved in helping this young woman rise like air in her approach to life.   Her educated, respectful response to the Times article by Dr. Oz about the quality of food we eat is impressive to say the least.

The Youtube video with her open letter to Dr Oz shows how this girl is not letting anything stop her from asking questions and expecting answers.

On this Mother’s Day, remember that one of the nicest things you can do for you mom is to spend some time with her and dote on her for a change.  She’ll likely enjoy that far more than any expensive gift you could send her.

Cool mama

Cool mama

Wishing all the mother’s out there a wonderful Mother’s Day on Sunday.