Suicide. Rather difficult subject at the best of times. Something that happens far too often. Usually leaves us wondering what we could have done, wondering how they couldn’t have seen beyond the pain, how they’d lost all hope. This blog takes us where we all fear to tread – and shows us that surviving and thriving are a reality.


I found out yesterday that my uncle passed away from a self-inflicted shot gun wound. He left a note for my aunt telling her he loved her and begging for forgiveness, but said he’d felt he was out of options. I hadn’t seen him in years. I wish I’d gotten a chance to talk to him.

For the love of god, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… If you’re in that much pain reach out to someone, or just bail on your life and change everything.

I could harp about the pain you’ll inflict on the people your life, even just the person who finds you if you don’t have any one close to you, or I could list a lot of reasons why life is great and worth living, but I figure those angles have been done to death. (Oh god, completely unintentional and inappropriate pun. I think my uncle would have…

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