Beautifully written. Kristina shows us that no matter what, even in the darkness of depression, even when it’s elusive, truth, goodness and beauty are in each of us; just waiting to be discovered.

Ten Minute Missive

IMG_4592When I started blogging, I made the decision to be as much like myself here on the page as I am in the real deal. Well, that might be a lie because I’m not sure much of a decision-making process was really involved but I did decide to not attempt to filter myself all that much. So in that sense, it is true.




Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a bit more of those commodities in life? It seems like there’s plenty of subterfuge, manipulation, and death by a thousand paper cuts. But the plain ole good stuff seems to be in short supply.

Some days this torments me more than it should.

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