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Searching for beauty, things that make us feel like we’re rising like air. It’s that feeling that makes you feel like things are “just right”, you find you can’t quite stop smiling, you feel like you’re walking on air, everything is brighter, more defined, larger than life.

Sometimes it’s simple things like the tiny fingers of a new born baby wrapped around their father’s or you see your child achieve their personal best time, or the feeling of awesome when you finally quit the dead end job you knew you just were not right for, but were terrified to leave. You relish in the feeling, but you aren’t surprised that the feeling was evoked by those particular circumstances. That’s how we describe obvious beauty.

One of the great things about the internet is that it’s so easy to share things like inspiring stories. We thought we’d share a couple of things that have made us rise like air lately; things that we think fall into that obvious beauty category. Rise Like Air has a soft spot for youth who are consciously engaged and involved in the world around them so we’re going to feature a couple of blogs on that topic.

As a parent myself I have always tried to encourage my children to explore, question and learn – after all, the world is the best classroom, life the best class and there are people, things and experiences that teach us all the time. Too often we put students and teachers into little boxes, and expect miraculous outcomes that seldom appear, and then we wonder why. As my son reminds me, “They keep telling us we’ll all special and unique and then turn around and try to make us all the same.” A wise observation when he was a 13 year old. I still struggle with helping my children be all they can be, be their own unique people while being part of society.

Without further adieu, may we introduce to you….

Coral from Coralganics, who makes our heart sing because she, and her family, seem to be embracing that same type of challenge and succeeding very well.


picture used with permission by Coralganics

Now I admit that I have a soft spot for Coral not only because she’s an awesome kid, but I discovered via FB that we also share something in common besides a passion for healthy food and the environment. Coral and her sister also really like one of my favourite breakfasts too.


picture used with permission by Coralganics


Along with informative posts regarding her what she’s learning, food, nutrtion and pictures, her FB page provides a little background on Coral.

“Coral is an eight year old unschooler and very passionate about nutrition! She hopes to help other kids learn how to eat and live more healthfully by eating real, whole foods, avoiding GMOs, and reading labels! She is currently making YouTube videos to help educate other children about exactly what is in the processed and fast foods that are being fed to many children today.”

She does this with skill and charm exhibiting an impressive grasp of her subject matter, and humour for good measure. Beyond being health conscious, Coral is willing to ask tough questions of people including popular experts like Dr. Oz in regard to an article he wrote for Time Magazine where he discussed his opinion on differences between fresh, organic products and canned or frozen and processed food products. has a great commentary on this and then of course there’s the video letter itself.

She asks her questions and offers her opinions with respect yet a tenacity that is hard to ignore.

For instance Coral let’s Dr. Oz know that she

“…was surprised that you said there is little to no difference between frozen spinach from the supermarket, and fresh spinach from a local farm. Now, you didn’t specify, but those frozen blocks of spinach are usually not organic, while in our experience, you can easily find organic or pesticide-free spinach at a local farmers’ market. As you well know, spinach is #8 on the list of most heavily-contaminated foods, but you never even mentioned that in your article. How could you leave this important information out of your article?”

She even takes Dr. Oz to task on his economics when he compares the cost of making browned beans at home or buying canned. Coral has done her homework. However, it is noteworthy that at the writing of this blog, Dr. Oz has failed to respond to her very direct and pertinent questions. While Dr. Oz may be managing to ignore Coral, many others are not and her FB likes have increased dramatically. Personally, I hope that Dr. Oz takes the time to provide a thoughtful response to Coral’s very reasonable questions. I know I’d be interested to learn more.

According to Coral’s FB page she recently was asked to share her knowledge of nutrition labels and about GMO foods with her old grade 1 class. What a leader already and so much ahead of her yet. We love to see children sharing their knowledge with each other and adults too.

We can’t forget Coral’s mom Mamaganic who seems to guide her daughter gently, as any good teacher should, to discover and embrace the world around her in a caring way as she learns the skills and lessons that will enable her to do whatever and be whoever she chooses to be.

It seems every time we check in on Coral she’s learning and sharing. Obvious beauty which obviously has us rising like air.

Keep up the great work Coral. We look forward to learning more from you.

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