This mum really knows how to put bullying in perspective for her child, and that’s not always easy. Why do we refuse to understand the power of our words, and then use them wisely, with care and the power to really help people and ourselves. It’s usually ok to ask someone “why something is the way it is” in my opinion. It’s fine to want to learn and gain understanding and from that hopefully some compassion and empathy. Instead we allow ourselves and our children simply let their ego bloom by insinuating that the other person must be “wrong”, “dumb”, “different” or “less than” me just because the person doesn’t quite fit the mould. I liked her advice . “They’re just being a little bit “not nice”. But you know, you just have to be clever when others do this because you can always, ALWAYS outsmart the unkind ones. “ and hopefully during that process, they’ll learn the skill of supporting others instead of being a little bit not nice.

Truth: There are still those who seem to thrive on being a little bit not nice.

Dare: Watch yourself – make sure you are not one of them. Use your words to inspire, motivate, build confidence in yourself and others. And use every experience you have as a learning one to do even better the next opportunity you have.

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