The type of woman I admire. A person with self confidence who stands her ground and speaks her mind; balances power, wealth and humility; practises compassion, kindness and gratitude in all things; and when required can throw a punch and learn from her experiences. This was an excellent read.


She built a career on making millions for the

rich, but her true achievement has been using

her legal and financial nous to make money

for the world’s poorest. David Leser meets the

ISIS Foundation’s Audette Exel in Kathmandu.

To enter the Alice in Wonderland-like existence of Audette Exel, you could do worse than go down the rabbit hole and poke your head up into the ancient former kingdom of Nepal. Weddings are erupting around the capital, Kathmandu, with flourishes of trumpets and beating drums. Cows amble across the street amid dust storms and endless traffic jams, vying for space with urchins, holy men and hawkers, all under the looming presence of the Himalayan mountains.
A monkey passes Exel’s hotel room as she works via email on a half-billion-dollar sale of a European banking group. The negotiations are crucial. If successful, they will represent one of the biggest European financial transactions of 2012. This is just before breakfast.

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