I am so excited to be able to share another poem written by Megan Rose Taylor.  Megan was featured in October in two of our blogs The Girl Who Fell Down And Kept Getting Up No Matter What and Journey To The Finish Line Results Are In.  Megan’s poetry is rich with imagery and emotion, and in this case, holds a message that is important for all of us to hear.  Megan shares what inspired her to write her poem “Today I Walked Down A Different Street”

A few weeks ago my friend had some flavored water at lunch time and someone pointed out that in other countries they don’t have flavored water. Now something is seriously wrong with that sentence. The fact that we thought of flavored water before normal water shows just how spoilt we are. We are so involved in our own lives that very rarely do we think about things on a larger scale.

I was on the bus home and I heard a young girl behind me complaining that her ‘Daddy’ bought her a second hand car instead of a new one. I was just sat thinking to myself what is wrong with us! How can people be so ungrateful. But it is easily done, we all complain if our house is too cold, too hot, we don’t have any clothes to wear except there is a whole wardrobe full. We are all guilty.

When I was volunteering at a local horse stables a girl complained that her pony didn’t win the competition and she screamed and cried shouting “daddy I want another pony princess didn’t win!” And that is just what ‘daddy’ did, a brand new horse arrived the next week and princess was moved to the rehoming center. It makes me sick when on the other side of the world our brothers and sisters are suffering, I mean real suffering. Dying just because they drank a glass of dirty water or because they were bitten by an insect. It is simply wrong.

I recently read Bear Grylls autobiography, Mud Sweat and Tears, which is an absolutely fantastic, inspirational, and moving book. He talks about when he was in Calcutta, India visiting the missionary of Mother Teresa. He tells us of some of the things he saw, people left to rot on the side of the road with missing limbs, starving children, and he explains the feelings of guilt and shame he felt walking down the road there.

This was the inspiration for my latest poem ‘Today I walked down a different street’. I hope my poem will encourage people to reflect on their lives and be grateful for what they have. In a world of pain and hunger it is important to remember the small things: love, hope and kindness.

Today I Walked Down A Different Street

We’re always told, to try and succeed,

we focus on money, we’re surrounded by greed.

We work and we fight, to get our lives right,

but somehow we seem to fail.


You may think you’re poor with your second hand car,

if you can’t buy more than one round at the bar.

But you live in a house, you have all that you need,

and still you want more you’re corrupted by greed.


Well try looking at it from a different situation. 

Where there are no homes there isn’t education. 

If this was your life, 

would you think it was right? 


There is no hospital but my mother is dying,

I can’t sleep at night as my children are crying. 

Crying from hunger, crying from pain.

I try to be strong but it’s always the same.


I walk down my street see a baby alone,

she was naked and cold just three weeks old. 

But I have no money, I have no home.

So I had to just leave her all on her own.


I keep on walking and I never look back.

Head over heart, because now it’s just black.

I get round the corner see an old man blind,

looking for hope that he simply can’t find.


I return home empty,

with nothing to give.

Nothing but love 

that’s the life that I live.


If you walked down that street 

would you feel ashamed?

Would you be embarrassed?

Would you hide from blame? 


We’re always told, to try and succeed,

we focus on money, we’re surrounded by greed.

We work and we fight, to get our lives right,

but somehow we seem to fail.


We fail because we’re self obsessed,

I think as a world we have really regressed. 

Surely by now we should each have rights,

to food and water, to peace not fights.


But to you my words are nothing,

just a simple drop of ink.

Like a raindrop splashed on paper,

you’d miss it in a blink.


What will it take to make us see?

Open your eyes and listen to me. 

Listen to the helpless as they wish on a star,

God hear our prayers this has gone too far.

 ©Megan Rose Taylor,  November 2013

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