anthem – noun 
  1. a rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group, body, or cause.

I was listening to one of my favourite songs by Unsung Lilly called “Just Be”.   I was thinking that it was a wonderful anthem for girls and women of all ages.  Truthfully it’s an anthem for everyone, but especially girls and women.  It started me thinking about other songs that are empowering to people, especially girls and women.

Here’s my top 13 list, complete with links to videos.  I’d really like to hear what other songs you would add to this list.  Any you’d omit?  I’d also be interested to hear of any empowering songs for women from farther back in history.

Sorry if some of you have gotten multiple notifications about this blog.  It took me forever to get the Youtube videos to work right!  I still do not know what I did differently than the first dozen times or so.  So much for a “quick” blog, but that’s ok.    Finally…. in no particular order:

ok, I like the version by Maria Aragon so much that I’m posting it instead of the original from Lady Gaga
I hope that these 13 songs have had a rousing or uplifting effect and have set the tone for a fantastic day.
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