Well, sometimes hiding away and caring for oneself is the answer. Truthfully it usually is the answer.

One step at a time, one foot in front of the other is usually the answer, but it’s how you take those steps. We can put one foot in front of the other while our heads are in the clouds or we’re looking somewhere else – and then, even though it’s one step at a time, we can wander right over the edge of the cliff.

Or, we can put one foot in front of the other with care, watching where we plant our foot to ensure it’s on solid ground. That doesn’t mean we can only look at our feet and the path directly ahead, but taking care where we place our foot as we take that one step at a time can make all the difference in the world in how and when we reach our destination.

The older I get the more I realize that life is about balance and nuances. I’ve also learned that when things get “too good” they change. I used to think it was “bad luck” or the imbalance of life. I’ve finally realized that isn’t the case. It is about the balance of life. I truly believe that regardless of how we got here, “who” put us here, or what will eventually happen; we are here to learn and grow and make a difference. In a nutshell, that’s it. And we’re in total control of how we do that. When things get going really good, that’s when the universe says, “excellent! A+… now for the next class.”

We as humans far too often take the turmoil, the change, the discomfort as being negative, something painful, something to be avoided at almost all cost. Of course there are those who thrive on discomfort and turmoil and wear it like a badge of honour: poor, poor pitiful me.

The important thing to always remember in all ways is that turmoil is almost if not always part of growth, of change – even positive change. Birthing, metamorphosis, sprouting, budding, growing, loving and the list goes on. Everything is about experience and how we choose to embrace or run from the experience. Babies learning to crawl and walk… they embrace the challenge and discomfort! They get frustrated and get over it and try again… even though time and time and time again they fall down and don’t get any where near where they are trying to go – at least not at first. But with the love, support and EXCITEMENT of those around them they just keep trying and they succeed – and then they run and are off to the next challenge without giving the details, or the discomfort one more thought. They revel in the “I did it” mentality… “now what?”

Sometimes we’re like little kids who can’t wait to go to see Santa and get presents but then we have to go sit on his knee and it’s “What the heck! I want my mommmmmmmy NOOOWWW!! Keep the present just get me away from this big red, furry, smelly looking thing.”

We want to grow, we want to do things we want we want we want – and then we run in abject terror because there are all these little unknowns, these little fears and all of a sudden, even though we can see the prize…. we duck our heads down, close our eyes, cover our ears and say “no no no no no, not right now. I’m actually good just the way I am thank you.”

But when we do that, we miss out on that gift. The very thing we actually asked for, the thing we were so excited about, the thing that we might even need, just because, we’re a little afraid to step out and take a bit of a risk, ever so slight. We’re willing to give up the prize just so we can stay comfortable.

But eventually, even if we don’t admit it…. we become uncomfortable with our comfort and we regret not taking any of those risks. We feel trapped. The good news? These opportunities to grow don’t go away; there’s always one waiting in the wings. They wait patiently for us until we’re ready. When we finally take the opportunity, the universe is quite happy to give us that A+ and say “great, you’re ready for the next class!”.

Sometimes the path is a little rockier in a section and sometimes shadows make it difficult to navigate. You still try to enjoy the scenery, but are careful where you plant your feet. Falling off the edge – not an option.

You know what though?  Even when it’s so dark you just want to sit down and just stay where you are because you’re too scared that you’ll misstep and fall, you make it one tiny step at a time. It can take awhile to realize that if you don’t move you’ll never get anywhere, you would sit there and ultimately rot. Not an option. So you wait patiently, let your eyes adjust to the dimness and then slowly and carefully begin to walk again, one foot carefully placed in front of the other. For awhile all you can focus on is your foot and inches of the path in front of it. But the farther along you go the dimness becomes brighter. While you’re still navigating a path strewn with rocks and even some boulders, you can see your way now.  You keep putting one foot carefully in front of the other until you are where you need to be and then you will be ready to start again, on whatever path is before you.

What helps the dimness become even brighter? Friends can be a big part of that, those who offer support in different ways and stick by you, even when its in a very quiet way.

To everyone who is a friend to someone in need, I hope you enjoy the song, “Thank You For Being A Friend”.

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