This is so true. It’s a hard thing to do, but it is important to retaining and maintaining relationships not to mention our sanity. A necessary skill also need to pass onto our children. Lead by example.

Main Line Dads

A couple brief exchanges recently have reminded me not to over interpret a passing comment.

First, at a friends’ house this past weekend:
The husband looking at a take-out menu remarked that the same deli ran the lunch counter in his office building. He added:

I know that now that I am working in Conshohocken office.

The husband had hit a hot-button issue for them. They had recently agreed that the husband would work part-time out of the home office and part-time in the office. He preferred to work from home. She didn’t like to have his co-workers traipsing through her house. Both reasonable positions. The husband’s comment might or might not have been innocuous. I heard it as a sort of “Oh look, I know this deli.” The wife heard something like “Oh look, I know this deli because I have to go into the office on a regular…

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