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It's All Good Radio Show

Media ImageTravelling on the train, I, like many of my fellow commuters, pick up a newspaper, curious and intrigued to find out what is happening in the world.  But as I read page after page of disturbing headlines, I find my mind becoming saturated with stories of anger and violence and I berate myself for even opening the paper. Just who makes the decision that news reporting has to cover so many upsetting stories?  If I, as a relatively positive and optimistic person who focuses on the good in life feels anxious and depressed after reading the paper just how must more vulnerable members of the population feel?

So my question to the journalist fraternity is: How does reporting distressing stories help the people of Great Britain to feel hopeful about the future?  When did this way of reporting become the norm? And why do we accept it?

Switch on the television and it’s no better.  Thirty minutes…

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