Recently one of our dogs was horribly injured by another animal. We too were faced with a decision and a budget. We told the vet that we could only afford a certain amount and I was sure that we’d receive the phone call saying that the bill would be more. I know for a fact that what they did for our family member was far more than what we could afford, but when the call came they said he was out of surgery and they thought there was a really good chance he’d heal, even though they’d never before treated the kind of wounds he had. I was terrified to pick him up wondering how I was gong to pay that bill. When I got there the bill was for almost exactly what I’d said I could afford plus tax. After 8 weeks, he’s just about back to his old self. KIndness comes in all forms.

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‘loveandletlive09’ wrote:

-Just returned from the emergency vet. Lost my good friend, but witnessed one of the most incredible displays of human kindness I have ever seen.-

“It’s a bit of a long story, but I’m less than an hour out of this whole incident right now and I just need to let it out.

My grandmother’s cat hadn’t been able to urinate all day and was becoming increasingly uncomfortable and upset. We decided it probably constituted an emergency and rushed him to the 24-hour vet, where several hundred dollars’ worth of tests revealed that he had a blocked urinary tract and his bladder was swollen to the point of rupturing, as well as his kidneys being badly damaged.

We were told that a $2,000 surgery might save him, but that he would have permanently compromised organ function and would need extra care, special food and regular vet visits for…

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