I happen to agree that unwanted touching is unacceptable at any age other than a very very few circumstances. I really respect how Rebecca Hains decided to coach her son about his own body and other people’s bodies starting at such an early age. I think it’s a very positive approach to teach our children about what we want them to do rather than continually telling them what not to do. I think this is helpful information for any parent.

Dr. Rebecca Hains

In this week’s news, a 6-year-old boy in Colorado was suspended from school. The reason? He had repeatedly kissed one of his classmates, despite her telling him to stop.

The girl’s mother, Jade Masters-Ownbey, noted that the boy’s behavior had been an ongoing problem. The boy had pursued her daughter “not once, but over and over…not with her permission but sneaking up on her…not without warning and consequences prior to suspension,” according to the Canon City Daily Record.

“I’ve had to coach her about what to do when you don’t want someone touching you, but they won’t stop,” Masters-Ownbey told the Record.

Meanwhile, the boy’s mother, Jennifer Saunders, characterized the boy’s actions as stemming from an “innocent crush.”

When the school suspended the boy for sexual harassment, it caused a furor. People have been asking: Can a boy of six years old actually commit sexual harassment? Popular sentiment seems to…

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