In the end we’re parents just doing our best to help our children grow into their wonderful selves, whomever that might be. Sometimes that means breaking new ground.

Raising My Rainbow

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging for three years now.  Back then, I had a three-almost-four-year-old boy who worried me because he liked everything intended for a she.

I started this blog to connect with other families raising slightly effeminate, possibly gay sons and to get advice from LGBTQ teens, adults and their parents about raising the next generation of the community.  The first thing I learned from my readers is that my son’s effeminacy isn’t about his sexuality — it’s about his gender.  If I had never started the blog I might still be trying to figure out that and so many other things.

I’ve felt a lot of anxiety during these three years.  Risk has always been a negative four-letter word for me and all of this has felt risky: starting a blog; sharing a part of our family with who knows who; admitting that my…

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