This post is so long overdue!  I’ve been promising a musical surprise and finally!  Here it is!  I’m pleased to present to you…. Drum roll please….

photo courtesy of J. Weston

photo courtesy of J. Weston

Joanna Weston!

Joanna is a singer, songwriter and musician originally from London, UK who is currently in Holland working on her new album with some incredible musicians.  She pairs her beautiful, clear voice along with haunting melodies creating a delicious listening experience.  Her songs are touched by more than one genre making each a new found treasure.   Her new album, titled “Inside Out” is due for release on April 5th!

Currently Joanna has 2 EPs and a single available on Bandcamp.    Her debut 3-track EP entitled ”What Do I Do” came out in 2010, followed in 2011 with 5 tracks on “Pieces Of The Puzzle”.  In 2013 Joanna became an ambassador for and wrote a song in support of an organization called Peace Brigade International that has been promoting nonviolence and protecting human rights since 1981.  Really interesting and worthwhile group I thank Joanna for making me aware of.  People helping people, something I’m always interested in.

Joanna describes the piece “We All Belong” as

a song about the challenges for women who stand up for their rights, but also about their strength to do so. Written for Peace Brigades International to draw attention to the need for proper protection for brave women human rights defenders.”  Proceeds from the song help support the work of Peace Brigades International.  

As I watched the official video and listened to the lilting music the lyrics asked such poignant, heart wrenching questions while highlighting the hope and healing that also exists.

 How many wrongs does it take to make everything all right? 

How long has this been going on?

Through the streets people stand and stare
Now with me by her side, there’s no reason to hide
It’s safe to make the steps that she needs
To be free, to live in society
There is hope in our hearts there’ll be a new start
For her, for all, we’re making space for peace

How many wrongs does it take to make everything all right?
For we are the same, how’d you think it’s ok to treat others this way?
So she has to fight for her rights, and for the rest of the world “

That brings us back to her current debut album project “Inside Out”.   Making music might be lots of fun, but funding an album is simply hard work so Joanna is making this happen through  Joanna,’s generosity is ensuring that  a part of the money raised will be given to PBI as well.  If you like Joanna’s music you can help her get her new album out by pre-ordering it through Pledge Music.  It’s really simple.  There’s only around 2 weeks left in the campaign and she still needs lots of support to meet her goal.  To sweeten the pot and tempt you even more Joanna advises “I’m offering a bunch of exclusive items and experiences along with other exciting offers you won’t find anywhere else, all in exchange for your love and support. Most importantly, you will hear the music first, before it’s official release date – and no matter what you decide to pledge on, you will automatically receive a digital download of the album – how cool is that! “


photo courtesy of J. Weston

We think it’s pretty cool.  Have fun listening to the sweet sounds of Joanna Weston and don’t forget, if you’d like her music,  pre-order her album “Inside Out” and be a part of making beautiful music.

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