Love this! Get your tickets now. Have a great gig.

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Wow what a few weeks we have had! Its been so exciting to see our #JustBeCampaign growing. We’ve had all sorts of amazing responses from you all, so thank you 🙂 We still have a huge way to go before we raise the money (and only 19 days left eeeek!) so get your contributions in now! ( if you didnt know!)

One thing thats been A-MAAAA-ZING has been that some very lovely ladies from Canada have been helping us promote the campaign by encouraging everyone they know to post us ‘make-up free’ selfies!! It been so inspiring and not just their friends but lots more people have caught on (we’ve been posting as many as we can on our facebook page and twitter!).

So…we thought… what can we do to take this to the next level? We’ve decided to put on a Make-Up Free online gig, tomorrow night (Wednesday)…

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