As a soccer fan, this blew me away. This is the way everyone person who is involved in sports or spectator should aspire to be. This is sportsmanship at it’s finest. And who could have asked for a more perfect ending score. Just sooooo good.

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Al Nahdha’s goalkeeper Taisir Al Antaif was about to make a clearance early in the second half with the scores still at 2-2 – but noticed that his shoelace had come undone, and was clearly nervous about his boot coming off as he kicked.

The opposing striker bearing down on him, a Brazilian by the name of Jobson, noticed what was going on – but instead of trying to take advantage, he ran up to his opponent and did his shoelace for him.

Al Antaif, clearly enormously touched by the gesture, slapped his new friend on the back and gave him a high five afterwards before getting on with the game – but referee Abdulaziz Al Funaitel saw things differently, deciding to ignore all rules of common decency by penalising the keeper for taking too long with his clearance.

He awarded an indirect free kick inside the area, and the…

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