Everyone has a story. It’s never too late to say sorry, it’s never too late to forgive, it’s never to late to grow a friendship. But you have to start somewhere sometime. May as well be here and now.

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I have a story

by jamietheignorantamerican


A couple of months after I graduated high school, I went to the grocery store for my mom. While I was coming out with my bags, I saw one of my old Classmates. I had known him since Elementary school, but during that awkward transition into Middle school, he started bullying me. He stayed that way all through Middle and High school, teasing me for being “weird” and “creepy”, and pretty much all that comes with my love for art, Japanese culture and nerdy television programs.

I didn’t want to talk to him, I was in a pretty sour mood. But while I was shopping it had started to rain, and I didn’t have an umbrella. Sure enough, he saw me and came over, asking if he could help me take my bags to my car. I thought I might as well. He did…

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