Rise Like Air is celebrating it’s 1st full year of blogging and we think this is the perfect story to keep sharing in celebration. Kindness is just so cool! Be kind and make someone’s day. It will certainly make yours too. Yesterday in honour of our birthday we did some kindness of our own – just every day stuff. We saw a parked car with a flat tire and left them a kind note. We ran into someone from out of town stranded in our city and helped them out. We opened a culvert to save a road from having water run over it. We smiled at everyone we met, made sure we said thank you to everyone who served us, opened doors for everyone we could. When we saw our reflections as we went by a window, I noticed we were all wearing wide grins on our faces. There was more shining than just that beautiful sun. Go on, celebrate with us. Start with a great big smile. We’re smiling right along with you. Thanks Kindness Blog for making our day extra special again.

Kindness Blog

“Okay i have the cutest story to tell you all so i work at a frozen yogurt shop and the people in my town aren’t typically the friendliest but anyway the woman on the right comes in and gets this huge (as you can see) cup of yogurt and by huge i mean it was around $15 so anyway she reaches in her purse to get her wallet but realized she forgot it so she asked me if she could run to her car real quick to get it.

Humanity is Not Lost

I said sure and as i was waiting for her to come back the woman on the left who was eating with her kids comes up to the register and starts digging around in her purse.

I asked if she needed help with anything and she said “yes. I’d like to pay for this woman’s yogurt” and i was like “what”?

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