Yet another great reminder to watch what we say; be careful with our words. Say what we mean, and mean what we say. Like all creators, we need to use our power wisely. We make differences every single day. Let’s be conscious and make them count.

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Oh, the endless stereotypes of OCD. From the idea that we all love cleaning and our houses are spotless, to the idea that having OCD is just a quirky trait that some of us possess, sometimes differing in severity. These stereotypes are not helped by the constant use of the phrase “I’m so OCD” not only in normal day to day conversation, but on all types of social media as well.
I find that the true meaning and definition of OCD is often lost in a whirlwind on misconceptions and comments made by others. I mean, take Stephen Fry’s comment on OCD recently as an example. He, as an advocate in the mental health area, would surely know better than to publicly make a comment visible to over 8 million followers portraying OCD in a quirky, almost enjoyable fashion?
It does make me really happy though, that there are plenty…

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