After yesterday’s blog I got to thinking some more.  This time about what does attract my attention?  More importantly, why am I attracted or drawn to certain causes or people?  These questions have crossed my mind quite frequently of late.  I felt the answers would be important, although how I couldn’t tell.

What I finally deduced after a fair bit of contemplation was that it more often than not was certainly the approach and personality of the person involved.  The situation in yesterday’s blog about sensationalism showed me that sensational tactics will definitely turn my head and might even get a reaction, but I don’t think it has any real sort of positive long term impact.

I began exploring things in my own life and came to realize that I am definitely most likely to be inspired to action and commitment by people who are very positive.  People who look at life as a wealth of opportunities and believe that the glass really is half full.

I have worked with some incredible individuals in my life both professionally and personally.  They are the type of people that you enjoy meeting and being involved with.  They help you look forward to actually getting up, getting dressed and going to work in the morning.

Upon reflection I remembered a person who I used to know quite well and was quite involved with.  A great person but definitely a glass half empty type of person.  One day I came to realize that we were very similar in many things: job, bosses, social status, financial status, home life, friends, health, age, even ups and downs, good and bad.  Yet comparatively, I woke up smiling and looking forward to what my day would hold while the other person woke up expecting problems.  While certainly our lives, experience and personality weren’t mirror images of each other they were quite similar.  The only real difference I can identify was our perspective, our outlook, our expectations. While I truly liked this person, I was never drawn to work closely with them, I actually often found being in their company a bit draining.  It’s only now that I believe I’ve discovered why.  Too long in their company and their mood began to rub off on me.

Looking at my current relationships and the projects and people I’m drawn to hold out that thought.  I am inspired completely by positive people like Debbie Hyde at It’s All Good Radio Show, Lydia Criss-Mays at See Beautiful™, Orly Wahba at Life Vest Inside™ and Jade Beall at Jade Beall Photography , and Megan Taylor (among many others).  These women all have an amazing ability to inspire because of how positive their attitude is.  They are wonderfully positive while remaining realistic. They are shakers and movers, absolute can-do-ers.  These leaders share share the sentiment so aptly expressed by the wise and beautiful Alice Herzog, a 109 year old concentration camp survivor, when asked what her secret of feeling so good at her age:

Optimism, and looking for the good.  Life is beautiful, to be happy, to admire, be thankful that we are living.  Wherever you look is beauty…  I know about the bad thing but I look ‘to the good things’.

I have another acquaintance who is passionate about the causes they support and they are great causes, important causes.  The work this person does is important and needed, yet I’ve noticed I never really offer to get involved, as a matter of fact I’ve come to realize I almost avoid it.  When I realized it I was a bit surprised because as I said, the causes are certainly worth while.

I came to understand it was the perspective.  This person is very good at providing information and reasons why we should care (which I do) but I’m not motivated or inspired to action, because the approach is very much doom and gloom.  If we don’t do something right now disaster will strike.  I feel constantly reminded of the dangers and pitfalls and rotten things and people in the world.  You know what?  I already know that side exists.  I can’t ignore it.  However, constantly focusing on it alone makes me feel helpless and hopeless, and truthfully I start to think, what can little me do?  It’s so hard, how can I make a difference in something so big, so important, so…. I just want to give up, and often, sad to say, I do.  I leave it to someone else and ignore that poster that says I’m someone.  I don’t want to be someone!  It sounds too hard.  It sounds to depressing.  Pull the covers over my head.

Yes, I realized the truth.  I realized that for at least me, and probably many others, the more positive we can feel even in the face of adversity, the better we will react, the more positive impact we will have, the harder we will try and I believe the sooner we will succeed and the less likely we will be to give up.   Circumstance may have bearing, but attitude is what really makes the difference in the end.

It’s about 90% attitude and 10% circumstance.

Change your attitude.  Change your circumstance.

It’s not about ignoring the bad or sugar coating it.  It’s about seeing the good and using the beauty of it to help you navigate through what’s left.  Once you’ve completed that journey pretty much all that’s left, is the beauty of it all.

All the positively motivating people in our world, thank you for doing what you do.  Everyday people making magical differences everyday.  Go on, grab some attitude and make your own circumstance.

©2014 JFries/Rise Like Air

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