Adults who actually listen and stand up for kids when they are bullied. Thank you.

TroubleFace Mom

We had a situation at our house on Saturday night. A bully situation. You can’t turn on the news or go online anymore without hearing about young people who are bullied to the point of desperation, and yet, the message seems to not be getting through that this kind of behavior is not okay. Ever. Kids are still being hurt, every day, and as a parent my instinct is to keep my own children close to me. My kids are young and they aren’t yet allowed to venture out on their own. Not even with groups of other kids. Not even to the park around the corner. Not even if everybody else is doing it. Mateo will be 9 in a few weeks though, and he’s a responsible kid. I know that I can trust him if he’s with a group of other age-appropriate, responsible kids. We knew that…

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