Sometimes things work out so perfectly without you even knowing it’s about to happen. This is what real love is all about. No dictionary could define it more eloquently or beautifully.

Raising My Rainbow

When I met Matt, I wasn’t looking for a husband or father for my future children. I was 17. I was looking for a prom date.

He asked me to prom. He asked me to marry him. He asked me to start a family. I always said yes.

IMG_0242In between all of life’s milestones and years, we slowly made our life, wrote our story. We learned everything about each other. Then we learned some more. Just when we think there’s nothing left to learn, we prove ourselves wrong again.

I’ve learned that Matt was born to be a husband and father. It’s what he’s best at. And, he’s good at a lot of things. His love for Chase, C.J. and me has always been loyal, forgiving, unconditional and fierce. I’ve never met anyone who can love like Matt can.

When our youngest son started playing with dolls, wearing dresses and…

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