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Defend. Conserve. Protect

On the 1st of September the Dolphin hunt season in Taiji, Japan begun again and will continue until March. During this time entire family units of dolphins and small whales will be wiped out.

Dolphin trainers and killers work side by side to select the prettiest dolphins (those without visible scars) to go into captivity. They are then sent to perform in marine parks and swim with dolphin programs across the globe. Simultaneously, the rest of the family are massacred, forced to swim in their families blood.

The dolphins are sold for their meat which is heavily laced with mercury and in fact toxic to humans. Many Japanese people are unaware that the meat they are consuming is dolphin meat due to mislabeling; and they are also unaware of the high toxicity.

The recommended amount of mercury in seafood is 0.4 PPM (Parts Per Million). Dolphin meat from Taiji, Japan…

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