I don’t think I could call someone who took the time to help me a bum but a gentleman. In this case it wasn’t gentlemen (or women) wearing the suits. We make plenty of assumptions about people… in this case I would guess most people would have assumed the suits would have been the caring ones. Challenge those assumptions, every single day.





22 September 2014

“Good morning, Chuck. How was the wedding? Did you go?”

“Yes I went and I had a great time. Mind you, my sisters ex husband wasn’t treated so well. Everybody likes my sister, but nobody likes his new wife. She’s just one of those people who it’s hard to like. I don’t have anything against her. We all have shitty ass holes, and we all wipe them the same way. Nobody’s better than anybody else. I’ve tried to like her, She’s just an unlikable person.

“There were a lot of attractive women there. If I had been six years younger, before my heart attacks, I would have gotten some action. At one wedding – I can’t remember which one, we have such a big family – I’d gone out for a smoke. It was before they had the laws against smoking in public buildings, but…

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