Sadly it is often the comments section of an article like you describe that shows just how far our society has yet to go. I hold the hope that most of the non commenters hold a more realistic and compassionate view of homeless people, and people who are in need. I have started to use the term “people who are homeless” rather than “the homeless” to always remind myself they are people first and foremost, homeless second. The haters really need to walk a mile or 10 in someone else’s shoes, preferably a pair that don’t fit so well and have a few holes.

They also need to read Mad Man Knitting as well as Dennis Carduff’s Gotta Find a Home blog (or recently released book) which can be found at

Just maybe they’ll start to see the plight of being homeless through open and honest eyes. Maybe they’ll even find a morsel of compassion. We can hope.

Mad Man Knitting

I was just reading an article about a man nearby in Ft. Lauderdale who was arrested for feeding the homeless. Ok. You can read the article here, if you want more info, but I want to get a little closer to something that burned me when I read the comments on the article. You can look at the logistics and legalities and all of that in your own manner of thinking, but it was THE COMMENTS that set me to writing this post.

“the law is not cruel at all.  Just sets some regulation of where you can feed these bums.”

“you can quit your job, eat better than most working people, see any specialist in the healthcare field you need, have dental work done, talk on your free cell phone, put your child in day care while you “look for a job” with the gas card they gave…

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