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Things change around us all the time and for the most part we really don’t take that much notice.  Until it’s a big change.  Or the change affects us very personally.  Or when it’s unexpected.  Or when it’s unwanted.  We can’t outrun it, we can’t hide from it or ignore it for long.  At some point we have to wade in and get through it; one hand over the other or one foot in front of the other.  Either way, it’s up to you to make the first move.

Hand Over Hand

I never thought, “it won’t last”
But it shattered like fragile glass
Slowly, the shards began to fall
Cascading, refracting a piercing call

Silence cries a deafening roar
So desperate once again to soar
But then the bottom drops away
And I can’t keep the demons at bay

The darkness holds tightly to me
Nowhere to hide let alone flee
To the depths I feel myself slide
Never dreamed I’d be on this ride

Grab hold and breathe deep
Hand over hand I will creep
Out of these depths, this black abyss
I rise whole again, even from this

December 12, 2013 ©J Fries


©2014 Rise Like Air  J. Fries

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