Christmas is coming… and with it the traditions that many families, friends and even co-workers enjoy (or dread), the exchanging of presents. Deciding what to buy is often a challenge.  If you have a daughter (or maybe sister or niece) on your list you might find an age appropriate bra that is comfortable, gorgeous and wearable without making you blush the perfect special gift for them.

What is “age appropriate”?  I would define it as something that makes a young girl feel special, comfortable and definitely not self conscious.  It’s something that allows her to feel good about herself without feeling like she has to “grow up” or meet someone else’s expectations.  Age appropriate also means that it doesn’t sexualize a young growing girl or blur the lines of age and maturity.

I heard about Yellowberry™ in an article that came across my FB feed.

Trying to find a good quality bra for self conscious, developing young girls is a challenge for many of us.  There’s the sexualized images, at times shabby quality and lack of colour and style choices.  It’s hard adapting to all the changes  your emotions and body are going through and shopping for your first bras should be an enjoyable experience, not an embarrassing or frustrating one.

I remember going through stores with my daughter and finally settling on triple packs of sports type bras but they were always white, pink and black.  The sports bras gave good support but usually gave so much coverage it was hard to wear the shirts she liked.  There just wasn’t a lot that made her feel feminine yet still a young girl.

I was taken a back because way back in the ’70s when I ventured out on this right of passage with my mother, there were very cute, age appropriate bra and panty sets that we could both get excited about.  I hardly expected that the time that passed would make this adventure more difficult instead of easier.  I had hoped that we would encounter stores, staff and product that would make this time of upheaval and change something to celebrate and enjoy.  Instead it was a trip that she really would have preferred to forget and did nothing to enhance her self esteem or body image.

After Megan Grassell, a high school student, took her younger sister to buy her first bra she realized it was time the bra industry changed, and she was going to be the change maker. Surprisingly, in my opinion, not everyone supported her endeavours.  Luckily for her younger sister and many other young women, she didn’t give up.

I didn’t care how many adults chuckled at my idea and brushed me away with the wave of a wrist. Many of them were very successful entrepreneurs who couldn’t see that I had more than just an idea. I was told to have fun and enjoy high school, to stop worrying about changing the bra industry. But I am most inspired and motivated to do something when someone tells me that I can’t.

Megan started a very successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014 and the result was Yellowberry™  She’s been referred to as a Teen Titan by LingerieTalk.  She is definitely an entrepreneur who is working on building a business and striving to let girls not only feel comfortable in their underwear but enables their own self expression with age appropriate styles, colours and designs.

image from Yellowberry

image from Yellowberry

She describes her mission,

This company is my effort to help other girls who feel the same way I do: that our society pressures us to look and dress a certain way at a very young age. Mary Margaret should feel confident in whatever she wears…

The price tag isn’t cheap at $40.00 a bra (free shipping with purchases over $50.00 last time I checked and specials such as black Friday) and while I haven’t had the opportunity to hold a yellowberry bra in my hands it appears she is certainly putting out a quality product that is made in the USA – not in a questionably run foreign factory.  Currently bras are sold online.   In LingerieTalk’s followup interview with Megan they asked her to address the pricing as many people have expressed displeasure at the cost.

What I have learned so far from starting my own business is that there are three main reasons why my Yellowberry bras are more expensive than the competitors’: The company is very small, the bras are new to the market, and all products are made with quality in the USA. In my mind, though, Yellowberry represents something more, something that is difficult to put a price tag on. I want to start a movement in which, whenever a girl wears a Yellowberry bra, she is standing up against the early sexualization of young girls. With that movement comes empowerment, change and confidence. Empowerment they can feel within themselves because they realize they have a voice for change. That change is the way they see their bodies: positively, and with pride. With each bra I sell, I want to inspire the girl who wears it to have confidence in who she is.  Meegan Grassell, founder Yellowberry   – Megan Grassell

Megan goes on to say that Yellowberry bras are “comfortable, not conforming”, “designed for a young girl’s developing body” as it truly is, and they “celebrate youth, not the rush to grow up so fast”.  Showing her commitment to her customers, she is working to grow her business and find ways to make the bras more affordable.  However, you have to admit, quality most often doesn’t come cheap.

* this blog was last updated 29Nov2014

via About Megan & Yellowberry : Yellowberry LLC.

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