from ZenPencils webpage

from ZenPencils webpage

Having a tough time thinking of a perfect gift?  Aren’t we all.  Well, here’s something that is on my list.

I wrote about Gavin Aung Than, a free-lance cartoonist and creator of Zen Pencils, about a year and half ago.  I was fascinated with Gavin’s ability to capture the essence of classic quotes within the cartoon or graphic genre.  I wasn’t used to seeing such inspiration and empowerment expressed graphically before; at least not like this.  I immediately understood how his unique pictorial representation of inspiring and powerful quotes appealed to such a diverse audience.

In case you missed it, or don’t want to read the entire article Gavin left his secure job in 2011 and began Zen Pencils in the beginning of 2012.  Within short order his talents were noticed by the online community and suffice it to say the rest is kind of history.  He recently released his first book, Zen Pencils: Cartoon Quotes From Inspirational Folks, in paperback so yes, it’s an extremely affordable gift too!  Is it good?  Well, it’s number 7 on the New York Times Best Seller List for Paperback Graphic for starters and if that’s not enough, a quick perusal of his website will quickly allow you to form your own opinion.

NYTimes Best Seller List Paperback Graphic

NYTimes Best Seller List
Paperback Graphic

If books aren’t your style you could consider one of his prints, suitable for framing, which are available on his website.  He has recently added canvas prints to the selection . Oh, and if you subscribe to his email updates you also get 3 free posters in pdf format, with resolution making them suitable for framing.

No one in need of such a gift?  Don’t collect books yourself?  That’s ok, you can enjoy his talents by following his blog and checking out his regularly posted inspirational creations.  Be inspired.  It really is that easy.

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