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Things worth seriously considering when deciding what to give impressionable young ones.  What message does our selection send?  Are there options available that convey our sentiment and still get the reaction we all want to see on Christmas morning – or for that matter, birthday or any other occasion where you sweat over choosing that perfect “something” and then stand in line waiting to pay while you second guess yourself?

As a mother, I’ve been surprised as my children have grown that gender specific toys seem to have become more prevalent rather than less so.  For all the discussion about gender equality and gender neutrality I had assumed hoped that the toy manufactures, like Lego, would have been more in tune with the times.

This article on by Katia Hetter explores her own experience during a gift shopping excursion for her children.

“I don’t think any parent wants to limit their children now, and I think all of us know that our kids — boys and girls — need skills in both construction and care-taking to be successful adults,” said Orenstein.¹ “So during the holidays, I’d try to think creatively on a number of fronts: where gender is concerned broadening (your child’s) concept of what it might mean to be female or male where and when you can.” Katia Hetter

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¹ Peggy Orenstein, author of “Cinderella Ate My Daughter”

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