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My parents own a farm, so they don’t have time to go on very many dates. I made them dinner at home, complete with music, candlelight, and dessert! They ate, they danced, they cried. It may not be much, but they loved it, and I love them!

Daughter Sets Up a Date for Her Hard Working Mum and Dad

This was right after a long night milking cows. They drove home and saw where I taped a sign on the door “Welcome to The Robe, please wait to be seated!” (I wore my new robe my mom got me for Christmas as my uniform)

They came in, washed up from the farm, and had a seat. My dad used to sing Tim McGraw like nobody’s business so I had a playlist set up and started it once they sat down. I came out of my room a little while later to see them slow dancing in the living room to one of…

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