Yes, Kristina I certainly do want to join you on your journey onto the lightness. Intention and reflection put life into perspective, past, present and future. Thank you for reminding us that “It’s important to remember the pain, but we don’t need to hold onto the sharpness of that pain.” So true and so important. I think I may just have to sit down and right my own letter this year. Here’s to a brilliant 2015.

Ten Minute Missive

This post has been a long time coming, and I’m not just talking about how little I’ve been blogging of late. No, it’s been a long time coming because I’m typing it from my new dining room, looking out my new windows, upon my new view.

It’s pretty nice to be here, let me tell you.

Moving out of our temporary (Ha! 6 MONTHS!) apartment and into our new house has been a bit of a workout and seeing as how we moved on December 23rd, it was a school vacation filled with more boxes and busyness than relaxation and fun. And, no blogging or other writing at all. Really. The only writing I’ve done has been writing a check for our water bill. Every second of every day has been spent getting ready to move, moving, or getting the chaos under control from moving.

However, it was the year…

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