The one day I miss watching Ellen. :). Great idea. Kindness at its best. Great way to start the day. Who knew what great things post it notes would be used for.

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Meet Mason Wartman.

Mason Wartman

Mason left his job on Wall Street to start up his pizza business in Philly. Formerly on Wall Street, Wartman, 27, saw how successful $1 pizza shops are in Manhattan, then decided to move back home to Philadelphia and start up one on his own.

His Rosa’s Fresh Pizza – named for his mother – opened in December 2013.

Mason Wartman

Little did Wartman know what it would develop into just three months later.

Mason Wartman

In March 2014, a customer asked if he could buy a slice for someone in need. It wasn’t long before Wartman got Post-It notes and drew a smiley face on them, to symbolize a free slice.

Mason places these pay it forward ‘post-its’ on the wall.

Mason Wartman

Now, some 8,000 slices later, whenever someone hungry comes in – they can just grab a post it off the wall to pay for their meal. The post-its share…

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