It’s tough to make middle schooler’s cry, but it took less than 4 minutes for Marc Mero to do it.  Marc was a professional amateur boxer and professional wrestler, who wrestled not on only in the ring but in his personal life as well.  He experienced drug and alcohol abuse, success and failure as he lived his life pursuing fame and fortune.

During this video Marc speaks to a middle school audience about how his choices affected his life.  His words and experience obviously make a resounding impression.

Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.

Marc warns the students that the influences they have today will shape where they are going in the future.  His words have impact, he speaks from experience, he’s walked that path.

Mom wouldn’t go to bed until she knew her son was still alive… All she wanted to do was talk to me.

Mothers know that dreaded fear, that delicate balance we attempt to achieve as we watch and cheer out children growing up and gaining independence while still wanting to be a part of their lives, to simply talk for awhile whether it’s about life changing things or mundane everyday things.

I no longer live in time.  I live in moments…

We have to deal with time.  We have to live with time.  That’s balance in our reality.  But living In the moments, that’s where Life really is.  That’s where the joy is.  That’s where we find the Land Of No Regrets.

We’ve all heard it, too many of us have learned it from personal experience and many of us have chosen to protect ourselves by forgetting the lesson.  Life is precious.  It can be dramatically changed or taken away in a moment.

It’s not what’s in your pocket, it’s what’s in your heart.

Even Scrooge and The Grinch managed to figure that out eventually.

Love is only a word until someone gives it meaning.  You are that meaning.

Don’t take it for granted.  Let the people who are important to you know it.  Don’t wait to find out you missed the boarding call for passage to the Land Of No Regrets.

Fear less, hope more

Eat less, chew more

Whine less, breathe more

Talk less, say more

Hate less, love more

And all good things are yours.

— Swedish Proverb

Please note all quotes are from Marc Mero’s speech.

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