Life Vest Inside and it’s founder Orly Wahba have been so motivating for me over the last couple of years.  I remember the first time I saw the video she produced called The Kindness Boomerang, I was overwhelmed with emotion, inspiration and hope.  I immediately checked our Orly and LVI and was instantly captivated and committed.

LVI is funded completely by donations, grants, volunteers – all who believe in kindness and are committed to helping kindness grow where it’s needed most.  Truthfully, these days, there isn’t a person or a place that doesn’t need a little extra kindness. I am a proud LVI Ambassador (who needs to do more and think less) and I realized today that I have been remiss!

LVI is busy trying to garner votes so they can win a $10,000 grant which will enable them continue to fund the annual world wide Dance For Kindness flashmob.  The dance has occurred for 3 years now and has grown bigger and better each year spreading kindness, impacting people’s attitudes and actions in more places each time.  It’s a fun and engaging event which gets real results.

If LVI receives this grant, it will remove a large amount of funding pressure and instead help the organization forces their energy and time to actually create a kinder world that we can all live in. After all, we don’t have to look far to realize a little kindness goes a long way.  If you’d like to vote, please click here.

Please Vote

Please Vote

If you are interested in helping out a cause that I think is very worthwhile you can do so with the greatest of ease.  You don’t even have to give any money, in this case what we really want is your vote.  There are only a few days left so please do it now if you are at all motivated.  Just follow the instructions once you click here.  If you are willing to share it on your social media, you will be given an opportunity to turn your 1 vote into 4 votes.  There are a lot of deserving causes out and we hope that you choose LVI.  Share a little kindness and be a part of making a resounding difference for a group that has already shared so much kindness in so many places. If you’d like to vote and you haven’t already clicked, click here.

As always, thank you. ©2015 Rise Like Air  J. Fries

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