Sometimes the person who needs our kindness most is ourselves.

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I have never been very good with numbers, as my grades in math throughout my school years will show.  I consider being able to balance my checkbook each month something to be celebrated, and my colleagues can attest to the immense feelings of pride and astonishment when I successfully tackle budget and statistical information, as I excitedly will proclaim, “I just did math!”  There is one particular numerical sequence, though,  that I dread more than any other and that I allow to have way too much power over my sense of self-worth-the number on my bathroom scale.

This afternoon, despite still recovering from the flu and an acute upper respiratory infection, I had to venture out to pick my two daughters up from school, so, I mustered up enough energy to shower and get dressed.  I was feeling proud of myself for tackling this task, right up until the point…

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