IT’s the little things. It’s almost always the little things that turn out to be the biggest things to someone. So make it easy on yourself, quit trying to find the “big things” to do and just start small.

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20 eurosI used to work in a hotel a few years ago. We had an account with this one company that had Austrian workers come to the US, and stay months at a time in our hotel while they worked. Since they weren’t from the area, they were often in search of interesting things to do.

One man in particular stood out to me. We pored over maps of Arizona (where I worked) and came up with lists of places he could go to sight see. Among these places was obviously the grand canyon. I took it further by booking him a train trip. I even helped him figure out how to use his new digital camera that he bought especially for his time in Arizona. He was absolutely fascinated by the desert.

Fast forward a year or so…

I checked in an Austrian elderly couple one afternoon. Very kind people…

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