Very interesting and worth thinking about. What path have you followed that brings you to an attitude of kindness? Each path can be an opportunity to learn for another as well.


Have you ever just thanked what/whomever it is that you thank because people are just kind? Have you ever felt a kind word or maybe the kind absence of certain words wash over your whole being and consume you with profound gratitude?

Well, I know I have.

People often wonder why more people in this world aren’t kind, but while speaking to my friend yesterday, she probed a very interesting thought, why are people kind?

She said, and I second it, that some of the kindest people we know are those who have known deepest suffering. While I thought about it, it made an insane amount of sense to me that kindness would arise out of something, or at least the awareness, the choice would.

I don’t know if we are created to be kind or to be nasty, I think we just pick ways of being up as we…

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