At the end of January I shared on Facebook, and in a blog about a $10,000. grant that Life Vest Inside, a group I’m involved with, was trying to win through a voting campaign on KIND Causes. Well, I am very happy to report that LVI was successful!  We did it!  We were fortunate enough to secure 6,294 votes, winning by a mere 12 votes! It was down to the wire, last minute kind of stuff, breath holding, nail biting action adventure when the site crashed just before closing. But it’s official! So thank you to everyone who voted. Am still amazed that it was 12 votes. But I’ll get back that in a moment.

When I was writing the blog on January 27th, letting my readers know about the voting process, I decided I should actually go check out the other groups trying to secure the grant just as much as we were. In January alone, there are about 108 worthy causes. The ideas and goals were all over the board, but everyone of them was trying to do something good.

There was Tracey Pearson’s “Prissy Tomboy Athletics”, empowering teen girls through sports and adventure. (69 votes)

How about David Rosenker’s “Herd By A Horse – Equine Therapy”, helping families who can’t otherwise afford it (111 votes)

Or Allison Yacht’s “Bravehoods to Brave Kids” giving soft personalized, inspirational hoodies to kids living with cancer. (434 votes)

There was even an organization we have mentioned on Rise Like Air a couple of times, Erika Georges, “Empowerment Plan” which started with a university class assignment for the founder, Veronika Scott. She began creating coats for the homeless that could be turned into a sleeping bag. Then came the next step, hiring the homeless. (60 votes)

As I paged through and read more, I was stunned by the ideas, desire and commitment.  The common thread,  the need for that little extra help to get to the next level to make that dream to help others, make the world a better place, come true.

And I have a confession to make. I thought, “We just want to dance. Some of these people are trying to do really big things like eliminate hunger, provide comfort to the ill, help the homeless, engage children in learning and reading!”

“And we, well, we want to dance.”

And our vote count is like way up there, from the start. We’re one of the leaders.

And we are going to dance!

I really wondered, “How can I, in good conscience, actually ask people to vote for us when we’re just going to… dance?”

And then a voice somewhere in my head said in a rather impatient and annoyed tone, “What do you mean JUST dance?”  And then just a little more gently, “Have you forgotten WHY we dance?”

Then the dots connected and I saw the picture, of course. We dance to promote kindness, to show kindness, to remind people about kindness, to help them put a face to kindness, to inspire kindness, to emulate kindness, to make it visible. To make it real.  To make kindness a fun, normal, everyday kind of thing. That’s why we dance.

I only have to glance at the headlines to be reminded  that we are in desperate need of kindness, toward each other and toward ourselves.  Every one of us can find our own small yet significant way to start to be kind, conscious, mindful more often than we are not.  We need to inspire, motivate and empower people, including ourselves, to embrace this change of attitude.

Why is it such a big deal?  Because kindness is incredibly powerful, kindness can work miracles.  Just think, little you and little me, we have the power to work miracles, simply by being kind.  The kindness doesn’t even have to be big!  It can be a simple as helping someone learn how to tie their necktie for a job interview.

Think about it for a minute.  If we could empower everyone to be kind without judgement first, in everything they did every single day, there would really be no other causes.  As people became aware of needs, they would take it upon themselves to help fulfil the need, or solve the problem, or assist with the challenge.  We would recognize that we are “the someone who needs to do something”.  Instead of rationalizing, judging, blaming or waiting, we would simply be kind first, just kind.

That’s why we dance.

We don’t “just” dance. We dance “to empower and unite the world with kindness…by spreading kindness, empowering people and building self worth.” LVI FB page

That’s why we dance.

As Kindness Ambassadors with LVI we all believe that “by creating an exciting and accessible kindness experience, we will become more aware of the opportunities that surround us and recognize our potential to change the world, simply by changing ourselves.” LVI FB page

And that, is why we dance.

After it was confirmed that LVI would receive the grant, the founder Orly Wahba posted a video message titled “You Matter, Yes You!”

Orly mentioned that her friend Ellen had contacted her with congratulations. She reminded Orly that LVI won by 12 votes and that had special meaning. If anything should show people how much each person matters, and how significant everyone is, that they can make a difference… that’s it.  I think she’s exactly right.

Orly said she realized that it had to be that crazy close at the end when we were 300 votes behind and then squeaked through by 12 votes.  It was because it made each of us dig deep inside ourselves, when we could have easily given up. It was to remind everyone that our vote, our voice matters. We could make the difference, we did make the difference. The voting process allowed each person to turn their vote into 4 if they shared it on social media so in the end it may have been as few as 3 people that made the difference.

What if those 3 people had given up? Orly ends by honestly saying that we all question our own worth or value sometimes, no matter who we are, even Orly. The next time that happens we can all remember the life lesson we’ve just shared. We’re each a piece of the puzzle. We are valuable. Each and every one of us is significant. We are unique. One is as important as the other.

The next time you question your value or your own self worth remember this message.

“You matter. You make a difference. You are important.”

In closing, I kindly invite you to do something kind, no matter how small, at least once every single day.  I also invite you to join us for the 2015 4th annual Dance For Kindness.  Be an event co-ordinator, helper or dancer.  No major skill sets required.  You just have to want to spread a little kindness and have a lot of fun doing a little dancing.

Just can’t see yourself dancing?  That’s ok, trust me.  There are plenty of other ways you can spread the kindness and be a part of Life Vest Inside.

Incase you haven’t seen The Kindness Boomerang, here you go.

“Let’s unite and change this world with the power of kindness.” – Orly Wahba

©2015 Rise Like Air  J. Fries

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