I think this is an example supporting the theory we don’t meet people by accident. They cross over our path for a reason, in the right place and at the right time.

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holiday-hands-heart-backgrounds-backgrounds-downloadThis is the story of my 15 year long tussle with a lesson in compassion and how I finally overcome mental resistance to practice it…

Scene 1: Some time in 1998, Mangalore, South India

When the blind man with a wad of lottery tickets in his hand entered the bus I feigned disinterest and looked away purposefully like I always do when coming face to face with anyone who looked remotely like an alms seeker. This one was no beggar but the combined effect of his blindness, shabby shirt, and the wad of lottery tickets in his hand was enough to put me off.

From the ease of his movement within the bus, I could make out that this was a daily exercise for him. He would lean gently at the very edge of the seat’s headrest, making sure not to inconvenience the passenger and balance himself before offering his…

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