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As a parent I don’t even want to imagine what losing one of my children would be like.  If I allow myself to venture there I have to turn back.  It sucks my breath away.

For some parents, the joy they experience with the birth of a child turns to sorrow at the loss of that tiny new life.  It’s something we prefer not to talk about or think about, but it happens.  We know in our hearts there is no way to fix things or to make them better, so often we do nothing.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is an organization founded by Cheryle Haggard shortly after the death of her own newborn.  They connect volunteer photographers with the parents of terminally ill babies.  With gentleness, kindness and compassion they take a heartbreaking experience and enable the parents to capture memories and a sense of the experience they all longed to share but were not allowed.

The photography services are completely free for the families. The organization believes that having the portraits created helps families with their healing process.

Thanks to The Kindness Blog for sharing such a wonderful story.  Please click the link to read more and to see pictures of some of the beautiful memories that have been created during a time of loss.

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