I looked at my blog list this morning and realized the last few titles were completely depressing!  Now, I must admit the subject matter itself while serious, wasn’t full on depressing, I actually hope some of it in the end inspired and helped give some hope.

But let’s face it, the subject matter does sound rather grim: eating disorders, suicide, loneliness, crap ideas, losing a child, and being over 50.  When I look at it in that way, it’s not a cup of tea I’m suddenly wanting…

In truth though, they’ve really been addressing using control in a positive way, finding your way back to living, patience, trusting yourself, turning grief into something more and liberating yourself.

I hear myself saying, “Words matter, perspective is a choice”.  

My word choices reflected the seriousness and gravity of the subject matter, but not with the lighter and deeper point that I was really getting at.  When I saw the list of titles to be completely honest, even I didn’t want to read them, I certainly wasn’t rising like air.

It dawned on me that’s really what the point is, to help people feel power, the energy of  goodness and kindness, and at least here, I don’t want to make them wait until the end of the story to experience it.  The more we all learn how to bring kindness and goodness to ourselves and each other we really will see those same things take hold and grow bigger and stronger in the world.  Slowly the beliefs that don’t serve us will begin to drop away.

With that in mind, I’ve decided, it’s time for a change.  We commit to remaining conscious of the words we use even when choosing our titles to interest with a feeling of hope rather than resignation.  Yes, change is feeling good.

Hmmm… that tea is sounding rather refreshing again.  I think I hear the kettle boiling.  Earl Grey anyone?

The power of words is in their selection, not in their number.  Ernest Hemingway apparently once one a bet writing a story of only 6 words capable of making people cry.

“For Sale:  Baby shoes.  Never worn.”

Always remember, wield your power wisely.

© 2015 JFries / Rise Like Air

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