Nailed it! Choose to notice.  Exactly.

I posted If Only the other day and now your great read seems the perfect reminder to be conscious and notice what’s around.  Choose what we give our attention too, and what better place to start than “LOVE”.   Thanks.

Mad Man Knitting

IMG_1339If ever you should feel a horrid sense of destruction, if the world bothers you with its inability to feel compassion, if you leap towards moments of anger in confrontation, if you should ever desire the pain of your adversary, if you should ever condone the hardship of another because they deserve it, if you should ever cling to a cringe because it makes the day more interesting, then just take a peek at this picture. These are moments of love and compassion that we as humans fail to take notice of enough.

We love hearing the nightly news spew its bothersome stories of man killing man, we love hearing the….(God, don’t make me use this word!)….the “drama” that some people become involved in. Yet, rarely do we take notice of moments of love.

Never dismiss that. Never roll your eyes when you see public displays of affection, when you…

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