image from Telemiracle #39 2015 Saskatoon SK.

Well, I just realized I wrote this blog and somehow forgot to publish it.   Better late than never?  I hope so.

I remember watching the first Telemiracle 39 years ago.  I watched it on a little TV screen and was amazed when they raised an amazing $1,214,210.  In 2015, 39 years later they raised a whopping $4,312,457.  While we’re talking numbers, here’s a few more that you might find impressive.  Their highest one year total came in 2011 when they rang those phones to reach $5,906,229.  Their all time total stands at an impressive $111,668,893. (Wikipedia)

The Kinsmen Foundation are the founders of Telemiracle.  Every year the Kinsmen and Kinettes, through donations to Telemiracle, assist Saskatchewan people to acquire special needs equipment and access to medical treatment. Even with government funded health care, an amazing number of costs arise for which there is no coverage.

Telemiracle has helped a multitude of families in need in the last 39 years and they have done so with the help of a vast array of talent, including the wonderful hosting carried out year after year (except for one) by Mr. Bob McGrath.  His commitment and dedication has been inspiring and you might be amazed to discover his commitment comes from deep down in his neighbourly heart because this wonderful man isn’t from Saskatchewan. As a matter of fact, he isn’t even Canadian, but year after year he has given of himself for this wonderful cause.

They have done so much good by helping so many through the years and I am proud to say I know the person responsible for making sure everything happens as it should.  She says of herself, “As Telemiracle Administrator, I get to fill my days with everything Telemiracle!” With an incredible amount of help and passion they organize this incredible telethon to assist people in Saskatchewan. A huge shout out to Debra Haubrich, her staff and volunteers, the celebrities, the local performers and all the great Saskatchewan people who have made this such a success year after year. Of course I’d like to give a special shout out to Mr Bob McGrath who has become a hero and a neighbour to so many through Seasame Street and his long time commitment to Telemiracle. The city of Saskatoon even proclaimed March 8th as Bob McGrath Day!

He’s been giving time to Telemiracle for 38 of the 39 years the telethon has been aired. The one year he missed we’ll all forgive him since he had already committed for a play date with Big Bird. Such a gentleman and giver would never go back on a promise. Bob has finally decided it’s time to give back to his own family now. Telemiracle honoured him with a beautiful trip down memory lane that was captured in this 25 minute video The tribute and farewell to Mr. Bob McGrath. It shows just how much Bob McGrath has done for others and how much he is appreciated by each and everyone one of us. A man and event that truly makes us Rise Like Air. Thank you Mr. McGrath, for being a wonderful neighbour to all of us. You will be missed in our neighbourhood. We hope you come back for a visit in your travels.

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