from 7 Cups of Tea

from 7 Cups of Tea

Sometimes you just need to talk and all you want is someone to listen. No advice, no judgement, just a sounding board, an “active listener”. Sometimes those listeners are very difficult to find. We all know how satisfying it is when we feel heard. So exactly how do you find a good listener right when you need one? A cup of tea might just be what you need, maybe even 7.

7 Cups of Tea was shared with me a while ago and it just sat, simmering in my pile of things to go through until today. 7 Cups of Tea was created by Glen Moriarty for people who just need someone to listen to them. Their site explains:

“We connect you with a compassionate, trained active listener through our secure network. You also have the option of anonymous chat with a therapist for online therapy or free counseling online. Whether you want to chat about life, love, stress or just talk about your problems, we have an active listener or online counselor for you to vent to via anonymous chat.

7 Cups of Tea respects your privacy. Our bridging technology lets you connect one-on-one to a listener while remaining completely anonymous.”

An article on CMXHub explains how it all got started in 2013.

“A little over a year ago, Glen got the idea to start the business from a conversation with his wife. He realized that having a reliable, active listener was a rarity and he wanted to make this gift available to everyone around the world. Glen said he hit the ground running: “We presented at Start Norfolk and we were covered in the local paper. That’s when we met Sheila.” Sheila Swanson, a military wife who has listened to other spouses for a living, became their first listener soon after. Today, she works on staff as their community manager alongside their Director of Community Development, Laura Small.”

So if you could use someone to listen to you, you might not have to search as far as you thought.

Maybe you don’t really need to talk, but you’re a great listener. There might be a volunteer position waiting for you then. 7 Cups of Tea can’t exist without the 17,000 trained volunteers who do just that, listen. It’s a community passionate about helping each other out – lending a much needed ear right when it’s needed the most.

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