“Delta continues with class,” tweeted @BillyTheKidWitt. “Stuck due to weather and the crew ordered everyone pizza. #deltaairlines.”

via Delta pilot orders pizza for delayed flight – CNN.com.

Wow, can you get better press than that? I mean, really, that’s worth almost as much as a spot during Superbowl no?  I’ve travelled by numerous modes of transportation and suffered the frustration of delays in all forms. Sitting on a runway, regardless of how valid the reason, is not something anyone looks forward too. I’ve seen how a civil crowd can suddenly become uncivil, succumbing to the impatience, following the group mentality. The pilot and crew of this Delta flight really showed their kindness and empathy. A real win win, the passengers could keep their patience in tact a little longer and the pilot and crew could keep their sanity in tact as well. Let’s not forget that they’re just as stranded as everybody else. Compassion and empathy, a two way street.

Contrast that story to United Airlines approach this week that was experienced by Canadian singer Sarah Blackwood of the band Walk Off the Earth, and her toddler son. 

She says that while the plane was taxiing down the runway, her son fell asleep. However, the plane didn’t take off and turned back. Blackwood and her son were then asked to exit the plane.

“When I got up to get off the plane, other passengers were infuriated,” she says. “They were standing up saying, you can’t ask her to leave the the plane, her baby’s now sleeping, everything’s fine, he was just crying, she was doing her best. It was just a really unbelievable situation.” – cbc.ca

Posts to United Airline’s Facebook page would seem to substantiate Ms Blackwood’s claims.

Paul William Moore said he was on the flight Wednesday afternoon and was sitting two rows behind Blackwood. He said she was trying her best to keep her son quiet.

“The only person that was not empathetic to the clearly stressful situation was the flight attendant, who warned the mother three times to keep her kid quiet,” Moore wrote. “Sure enough, the flight attendant followed through on her warning and had the plane return from taxiing … to the airport.” – cbc.ca

I read these accounts on the same day, and thought that the flight attendant here made a choice as well. I’m not sure I would say it was a winning choice for anyone at this point.

I wondered, who would I rather fly with? Work for? Work with?

I know these are individual examples and not necessarily indicative of the culture or business attitudes of United or Delta at all.

What I do know, is that today employees on two airlines made choices. In one, there was a shining example of empathy, compassion and kindness today and that was by choice. It was a very good choice. In the other, well, I didn’t seen any kindness, empathy or compassion.

Today my son attended a Skills Canada event. He said there were three types of groups at the career fair portion.

The first group sat there, said nothing and did nothing to engage the students or invite them to their booths. Students Lose, Corporations Lose,

The second group smiled charmingly and handed out swag but gave no context or information on what they were about. Students sorta Win, Corporations definitely Lose

The third group engaged the students by offering swag as they invited them to learn about what they had to offer. Students Win, Corporations Win.

Who would I rather hire? Who do I want to work for? Who do I want to work with?

It’s all about choice and perspective. Kindness, helping others –  wins, every time.

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